Friday Night Clam Bake – #21: Dusty Erotica and Commemorative Cacti

Note: In an odd bit of happenstance, I shared this post exactly two years ago today, yet I only had to change one word to make the story relevant to what is happening right now at Bonnywood. Life is funny that way. Or my life is very boring. One of the two…

Howdy, folks.

This will be a rather abrupt Clam Bake, as things are a bit in flux here at Bonnywood. We are busily prepping for another travel adventure, this time to Pecos, New Mexico. To be fair, the “Pecos” angle is a bit misleading, as that’s simply the closest town of any relevance to where we will actually be, far out in the dusty wilds in an area of the state that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe to paint hundreds of pictures of giant vaginas disguised as desert flowers.

Our final destination is a ranch plunked in the midst of Mucho Macho Canyon, or some such. I only briefly glanced at the Canyon name as my partner was piddling around on Google Maps, something he enjoys with fetishistic glee. I paid more attention to the fact that the final enumeration on the step-by-step driving directions, suggested by Google Maps, advised that we “turn left at the quaint adobe church built in 1642 and drive 500 miles until you encounter a Saguaro cactus shaped like Eleanor Roosevelt”.

Translation: There’s a strong possibility that I will not have a communication signal of any kind. (Radio silence, if you will, similar to what can happen with your partner when he is not impressed that you call his important research on Google Maps “piddling”.)  Second Translation: Bonnywood Manor might go partially dark for the next week. (Lightus Interruptus, if you will, similar to what can happen when you think you have paid the electricity bill but it is still sitting on your desk, unopened or cared for, because you’re getting old and forgetful.)

Now, before some of you get all clenched and testy, I am planning to schedule a number of posts to magically appear during the dusty interim. The success of this planning is dependent on how Partner and I approach the final preparatory stages of our departure. If we can agree on the essential necessities, we can be packed in an hour. If not, we may be running around town, hog-wild, up until the very minute that we leave on our quest to find the Eleanor Cactus early Wednesday morning. Cross your fingers.

In any case, please continue to visit Bonnywood, as you never know what might transpire, and don’t be blue if your amazingly witty comment is not given full adoration for a few days. All in good time.

To close things out, here’s a completely unrelated video from back in the day. I know I’ve shared this one before, but I’m not sure if it was on this particular blog. (I’d check my spreadsheets, but I think it’s more imperative that I ensure I have packed enough clever outfits for my sojourn in Mucho Macho Canyon.) Enjoy.



Note Two: For those of you with a keen eye and a sharp memory, you may recall that this Pecos destination is the site of the “Murder Cabin”, a structure on the ranch that, at the time, had me contemplating the composing of a mystery novel. (Details found here.) Sadly, the composing never happened. But this fresh visit? Perhaps my muse will speak again…


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  1. I remember Murder Cabin! I’m glad that neither a) you were murdered, nor b) you murdered someone out there among the cacti. 😉
    M and I love NM and went to Taos for our first trip together. Don’t know when we will ever be able to visit again …

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    • A) This return journey has reinspired my desire to write the sordid tale of what happened at the Murder Cabin.

      B) Said tale will not be entirely true.

      C) The Pecos/Santa Fe area is gorgeous. I think I could move there. But it can get quite cold at night and if often snows (due to the elevation) and Partner does not play well with either situation. Sigh.

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  2. I love New Mexico! Well, most of it… Gallup area, not so much. But Sierra Blanca is a beautiful mountain, Younger has a Kachina made in the area.

    Have a fantastic time, take a bazillion pictures and don’t murder anyone unless you have a solid alibi😉

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    • Sharing more detail than you probably care to hear: The video is a segment from Michael Nesmith’s “Video Parts”, which is a subsequent project he did after producing “Elephant Parts”, with both projects involving anarchic comedy skits. (Michael was previously one of the members of the band The Monkees. Yes, THAT The Monkees.) Back in the day, they used to play this particular video in the gay bars I frequented, often enough that there was a time when I could quote the entire script.

      Interesting twist? The main actress in the clip, Lois Bromfield, actually followed me on Facebook for a while. We chatted several times (with me quietly squealing in delight but trying to remain calm). She’s had a fascinating life, and she was living in Germany at the time. We eventually drifted, as is often the case with the transient nature of the digital world, but I relished my limited time with Irma…

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