Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #439

As dawn broke across the land, Anthony tried to prepare himself for another workday in corporate America. But it all seemed so useless, devoid of meaning, and he just didn’t have the strength to even pick up his cup of morning coffee. Then, surprisingly, the coffee decided to change the agenda.

Coffee: “Dude, what’s your deal?”

Anthony: “I don’t have a deal. I’m just tired. I’m tired of watching other people get promoted just because they work harder than me, I’m tired of bosses that expect me to do my share, and I’m tired of other people getting credit for the things that I didn’t do.”

Coffee: “Really? Did you ever stop to consider that you actually have a job when so many people don’t?”

Anthony, contemplating: “Well, I suppose you have a point. I make decent money and I have health insurance and I get six weeks of vacation because I’ve been with this company since dirt was invented.”

Coffee: “See? Silver lining. It’s not so bad. Let’s buck it up and go out there and do the best that we can.”

Anthony, on the verge of an epiphany: “You know, I could keep smiling and signing my paychecks. I’ve made it this far, right?”

Coffee: “That’s the spirit!”

Anthony, veering away from the epiphany: “On the other hand, I could also do this.” Then he kicked the coffee cup over and went back to feeling sorry for himself.

On the other side of the two-way mirror, the leader of the focus group grimaced and turned toward the other participants. “And it looks like we have another undecided voter who doesn’t understand that blaming others for your own failures accomplishes nothing. Let’s send his profile to the Republican Party. I’m sure they have just the right alternative brochures for him to read.”


Previously published on “Crusty Pie”, modified a bit. This was originally scribbled a few days before the 2016 elections. Let’s hope that this time around fewer people kick the coffee over for clueless and self-absorbed reasons…

And yes, I’m still working on the “Casserole” saga. More to come on that front…


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  1. Alas Poor Anthony (or Yorick, which Anthony used as a ‘screen name”) I knew his (attitude) well…. *sigh* Charlie Brown or Eeyore for President!! (seriously though, I voted. And you have to have guessed for who(m)!)

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  2. I got a text a few weeks ago alerting me my ballot was received and asking me to tell three of my friends or family to vote as well. At the time, I was doing the zoom thing with my kids, so I told them to vote.
    On the one hand, I should be concerned some government agency (not my coffee) is texting me and doing so at the exact moment I can then follow through with their orders. On the other hand, my coffee offered me no such assurances. This is why I prefer tea.

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    • I’m with you on the discombobulation of folks that I don’t know knowing what I’ve just done. Don’t we have privacy laws? And didn’t I sign up for the infamous “Do Not Call” registry that apparently never worked? Oh, right, I keep forgetting that Congress keeps making exceptions for the very laws that they pass. If you vote, your privacy is now in the national domain. Make America Irate Again.

      As for caffeinated beverages, I’m in constant flux. Sometimes I yearn for coffee, sometimes for tea. Does this make me bi-libational?

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      • What privacy? I received a government letter to have a very personal test done, where I had given no permission for that health data to be shared. But apparently it is… very disconcerting.

        And I am all for tea. Coffee is just too judgemental

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