10 Reasons Why Idiots Should Never Drive in the Snow

Fair Warning: I’m a little bit cranky in this ancient bit of venting, as evidenced by the title. Brace yourselves accordingly…

1. Idiots don’t know what snow is.

Stunning as it may seem, there are folks out there who are completely mystified by the white stuff falling from the sky. They have no idea what it might be, even though they and their daddy-uncles have lived in this area all their lives and it snows at some point every year. And they certainly don’t realize that the weird rain can actually stick to things and accumulate. Therefore, they don’t adjust their driving patterns in any way.

Initially, this stupidity makes these dimwits some of the most dangerous creatures on the road during snow or ice storms. They just keep driving like they’ve always driven, hurtling through red lights, paying no attention to lane dividers or other cars, and racing along at speeds that can result in space flight if they hit a pothole just right.

Luckily, because they have no adaptive instincts, these losers are generally the first to hit a patch of ice and plummet into a ditch, their faces registering uncomprehending surprise when they realize that their vehicle is no longer moving. (It can take a while for this awareness to stimulate one of their three brain cells into some type of reaction, so there’s considerable downtime before anything clicks.) As you roll past them in a responsible manner, you will hear them hollering into their cellphone “girl, I don’t know what happened.” Uh huh.

2. Idiots ignore the six-inch layer cake on top of their car.

Folks, you need to get that snow off your car before you get in and drive anywhere. That snow is not going to remain in place just because you’re ignoring it and can no longer see it, once you figure out how to close the door and turn on the car. It’s going to come crashing down at some point, most likely at a very inopportune time. (To be fair, the mere fact that someone has allowed you to leave the house in the first place makes everything that follows basically inopportune.)

But the idiots don’t listen, driving around like a herd of angel food treats have been let loose on the city. This is a ticking bomb, with shock and awe just around the corner, because the rising heat in the car is going to start melting that snow a wee bit. One of three things will now happen, none of them pleasant visions that little girls dream about in their diaries.

The snow is going to break lose while they’re schlepping down the road, most likely at a moment when they are already distracted by cell-phone usage and/or the triple-meat burger they are trying to cram in their mouths while driving. The snow will completely cover the front windshield, resulting in total loss of visibility. Typically, it will take the idiot at least three minutes to realize that they can’t see where they’re going. (Why keep your eyes on the road when Sister-Aunt Lola Jean is texting about a beer festival over to Gruntsville?)

Once it becomes fuzzily clear that something is not right, the idiot will then go into total responsive failure. Instead of gently applying the brakes, they ignore the brakes completely. (For once. See below). Rather, they grasp the steering wheel with their greasy fingers and start jerking it to the right and the left, as if they just need to find the right street where the snow monster doesn’t live. This, of course, causes the car to swerve all over the road and endanger the lives of everyone in a two-block radius. The only thing that will stop this madness is another handy ditch or perhaps a giant crack in the earth that Satan has opened up, giving them a complimentary pass to a colorful land free of snow.

The cake may survive long enough until the idiot is slowing down at an intersection, with the snow tumbling forward when the car comes to a stop. In this case, at least, the danger to nearby cars and buildings is minimized. Instead, we have the idiot finally clamoring out of the car (once they figure out which thing to pull to make the door open) and then just standing there, wondering what they should do now. The idea that perhaps they should scrape the snow off the windshield will not occur to them until they have held up traffic for at least half an hour and there is rioting in the streets.

The final potential fate of the cake is that the idiot will gain enough speed on the slickened road that the snow will blow off the back of the car, becoming angry warheads that slam into the cars behind the idiot. These innocent victims in the trailing cars now must deal with the idiot residue, yet another example of useless people expecting the decent citizens of society to clean up after them.

3. Idiots think that stomping on the brake will solve everything.

Anyone who has at least minimal skills when it comes to driving in the snow is fully aware that the brake pedal is not necessarily your friend. It must be used cautiously, with little taps here and there to correct your course. You do NOT jump on the brake with both feet every time your vehicle starts to slide a little bit.

Idiots don’t get this. When it’s not snowing, they never use the brake. They fly through intersections hours after the light has turned red. They are unable to slow down while navigating school zones, rocketing through and sending little Janie and Johnny running for their lives. They are the people responsible for those mysterious “Guardrail Damage Ahead” signs that you pass on the highway, causing you to wonder just who in the hell managed to hit that. Idiots hit it, because they can’t remember what the brake is for when the sun is shining.

But slap a little bit of ice on the pavement, and some internal mutant gene is triggered within idiots across the land, making them pound on the brake every seven seconds. This, of course, results in the idiots spinning out of control and subsequently shutting down entire road systems with a 38-car pileup. (Go look at any photo of winter-weather smashups. There’s always that one car that looks a little shady and guilty. That there’s your idiot.)

And these idiots always end up on the local news, shaming the nation with their brain-dead logic, limited vocabulary, and inability to realize that they are not a celebrity because a microphone is shoved in their face. “What happened was, I didn’t know there was ice. And the DEVIL took my car and drove it smack into the Taco Hut. Burritos was flyin’ everywhere. Hey, you want some a these kids? I got extra. I ain‘t named some of ‘em yet.”

4. Idiots have no concept of a “rolling stop”.

When the roads are covered in six inches of ice, and your car barely has any traction, you need to keep moving, if at all possible. Coming to a complete stop is utter madness. You don’t do it. Especially if you’re at some pitiful 4-way stop in a residential neighborhood where nobody cares what the hell you do anyway as long as you don’t litter or steal their lawn furniture.

But no, the idiots will slam to a halt before they even get to the intersection. And then they get stuck, wheels spinning, and they are unable to get any forward momentum, with the rear of the car eventually sliding to one side as the tires whiz around pointlessly. Now they are blocking the entire road. Which means you have to stop and therefore lose your traction as well. This is one of those times when we need Carol from “The Walking Dead” to show up and help certain folks look at the flowers.

5. Idiots don’t understand that steep hills should be avoided.

Mr. Idiot, before you attempt to climb that Matterhorn before you, let me explain a few things. I know you won’t listen to me, but I’m going to try anyway, so that I can have a clear conscience when I slap your worthless ass when all is said and done.

Notice, as you gaze up that awe-inspiring ski run, that many folks before you have tried to attempt the same maneuver that you are contemplating. They did not succeed. That is why there are so many cars piled up at the base of the hill, the vehicles pointed in every direction except a natural one. This is something that should not be attempted. You are not going to make it.

But no, you think that you have some special magic that will allow you to succeed where others have failed. This misconception strikes to the bone of why you have been classified as an idiot. You actually believe that your cheap-ass discount piece of crap, with the hamster-wheel engine and the bicycle tires, can get further up the hill than that Hummer over there with the disillusioned yuppie driver who is currently crying into his low-fat latte because his axle busted when it jumped the curb while rolling backwards.

Good luck with that.

6. Idiots don’t prepare for possible travel-by-foot across the tundra.

It’s freezing cold. There’s snow and ice everywhere. And yet you have chosen to get in your vehicle and drive around the city in search of something meaningless that you don’t really need. In making this decision, one would think that you would select adequate clothing options. But you don’t. You throw on a tube top and some stiletto heels, apparently your native dress, and then you hop in the car.

Next thing you know, you’ve slammed into the side of the local Dairy Queen because you were texting one of your idiot friends about the latest music video from your favorite band, The Gonad Banjo. Now you must get out of the car and seek shelter, but you are unable to do so because your pointy heels lock into the ice and your tube top instantly freezes and shatters. My thoughts? You might as well just lay down and become a speed bump for the drive-thru, because your value as a contributing member to society has just expired.

7. Idiots rarely have the proper amount of car insurance, despite laws requiring them to have such.

I don’t think I need to say much more on this point. I’m the one that has to pay for repairs because YOU hit ME without proper protection? I don’t think so. You better start selling off all those penis-compensation weapons I can see on the gunrack in your pickup, because you’ve got some bills to pay, buddy.

8. Idiots travel in packs.

It’s never a single idiot behind the wheel of an obnoxious car that is swerving all over the road, knocking out mailboxes and postal delivery people. It’s a cast of thousands, all of them crammed into a space that normally would only hold four people. Why do you have to bring your entire posse with you just to pick up a pizza at Buford’s Pie Joint? (They deliver, by the way. Or are you afraid to order over the phone because The Government might listen in and tag you as a racist because of the toppings you exclude from your pizza?) Leave some of your tribe at home so they can figure out what needs to be done with the frozen pipes that burst because you don’t understand what “freeze warning” really means. (Then again, you aren’t all that good at protecting your pipe or you wouldn’t have as many kids as you do.)

9. Idiots get defensive when they are called idiots.

You can’t have a reasonable conversation with people who don’t understand that they are responsible for their own actions. They get obnoxiously belligerent when you point out their deficiencies. They think they are on the Jerry Springer show, and instantly resort to the blame-avoiding and the finger-pointing and the inane concept that simply repeating the same clueless phrase over and over will somehow make it the gospel truth.

10. Idiots should not be allowed to procreate.

I realize this has nothing to do with snow travel. But really, isn’t this the elephant in the room? We wouldn’t have any of the above nine issues if there was some type of enforced sperm-control process in place. (Maybe we can get the Gonad Banjo to write a theme song?) Please send an email to your congressional leaders. Make the stupid people go away, whatever it takes.


Original Note: Previously published. Some changes made, partly to soften the bitterness, though there’s still quite a bit of such left. As those of you who have followed for a while may have noticed with these older pieces, I had a severe attitude in 2010. Yet I also scribbled out some of my most tender pieces as well. It was a very strange year…

New Note: The Dallas area is currently in the midst of a (for us) freakish winter-storm mess where the temperature is not expected to rise above freezing for another week. (I’m sure some of you in more northern climes are thinking “welcome to my world”. And that’s fair.) Trouble is, despite the fact that we have had many instances of nasty winter weather before and people should know the dangers by now, many Texans refuse to adjust their “it’s all about me” attitude and act in a decent manner.

This attitude was on full display this past Thursday morning, when there was a shocking pile-up on a Fort Worth highway that involved over 130 vehicles. Six people (so far) have died, and scores of people were injured, some of them critically. And here’s the thing: Every video taken by folks on the other side of the highway, whipping out their cellphones to record the developments, shows the same thing: The whole mess was caused by people barreling along at breakneck speeds despite the ice-storm warning.

Horrible. Indecent. Sad. And it could have easily been avoided.

So, yes, this post is mostly snarky, but the underlying message is this: When the weather is bad, keep your ass at home, especially if you’re an idiot. We’ve had a year of Covid to teach us about doing the right thing, and you don’t need that latte from Starbucks when ice is falling from the skies.



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  1. Even in places where they *should* know better…

    When we lived in Seattle, or more specifically on one of the mountains surrounding it, the first time it snowed I was driving my daughter to school. Now, I’d just moved there from Illinois, where we know about snow. What we did not know about, however, was hills. Thirty seconds into our trip, my daughter inquired whether we were supposed to be sliding backward. I continued sliding until we reached our driveway, and told her she had a day off school while Mommy bought a new car.

    Next day, we headed out in our newly acquired only a teensy bit used 4-wheel-drive SUV. I crawled down to the corner leading to the main street, and heard a weird sound. Like yelling, then screaming, then CRASH. Again. And Again. So I parked the car and walked over the crest of the hill to see a car come over the hill and slide down. At the bottom of the hill was a pile of (crashed) cars and a bunch of people screaming at the incoming car. Which crashed. Followed by another one. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    But here’s the Darwin Award bit. NONE of the morons watching their luxury cars being prepared for a career as scrap metal (Don’t judge me—it was my in-laws’ neighborhood) thought to hike to the top of the hill and warn other drivers. The kids and I hiked up to the top of the hill and stopped traffic until the police arrived. Then I took the kids the back way to school. In a separate note, another parent crashed into my (sob! new-ish) car in the school parking lot, and yet another crashed into me again as I left. My insurance company was not pleased at having to sort that out.

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    • Wow, that Day of the Sliding Morons was rather festive, eh? It’s just amazing how many folks cannot adequately function if you throw them even the tiniest curve ball…

      We live in one of the few hilly areas of Dallas. (Most of the landscape is just flat nothingness.) You cannot get into or out of our neighborhood without ascending or descending a steep-grade street. There are several such steep-grades, but the worst is known as Gibbs Williams Road (no idea on the name derivation, don’t care to know), which has an exceptionally long and challenging ascension/descension. Everyone with any sense is aware that one should stay away from Gibbs Williams if the weather is the least bit inclement. (There are multiple alternatives available.) Yet, every time it snows or ices, there’s a pile of mangled cars at the bottom of the hill. And right in the midst of the mangle will be people who have lived here longer than I, and I’ve been here 24 years.

      Some people refuse to learn. Full stop.

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  2. Brian, I’m so sorry to hear that the individuals from my planet have invaded yours. I thought these driving habits were only a problem here. A man last week swerved in front of me and I saw that his entire back windscreen was covered in a thick layer of snow. I gave up right then.

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  3. some type of enforced sperm-control process in place…😂imagine. some have said if only stupidity was painful…I don’t know…we live in winter for 6 months…-40 so some humans cars won’t start…anyways happy weekending Brian ~ smiles from snowy Etown ~ hedy

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    • Oh, stupidity IS painful, but only for those who are not stupid. It’s just not fair. One would think that if you lead a decent life, you should amass enough positive karma that you no longer have to deal with wretchedly-clueless people. But nope, there they are, everywhere, annoying and incessant…

      Happy weekending and smiles to you as well!


  4. You’re preaching to the choir here son. You’d think up in my neck of the woods people would know better. As for number 2? My husband had to replace an entire windshield when some idiot’s cake of ice flew off on I95 and slammed into our car. Did they stop? Nope.

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    • River: Those flying ice cakes are a true menace. It takes just a few minutes to take care of that mess before you leave your driveway, but so many people can’t be bothered with spending the time to do that, even though they just spent 12 hours bingeing on Netflix.

      Haoyando: Luckily, I’ve never lost a windshield, but I’ve been hit by many rude and intrusive ice cakes. It’s just not fair that I’m being a careful and courteous driver, yet I get stuck behind some fool that doesn’t know how to behave in public… 😉

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      • Same here. Though the windshield is having little almost invisible dents here and there, it looks happy and intact. Yes, during a crisis situation, those bad behaviors increase exponentially.

        Wish everybody is safe and healthy in the Bonnywood Manor, free from all the Texas calamities from the news.

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  5. #6 LOL. Idiocy plagues both men and women alike, especially in driving. Although I didn’t know the particular people you are referring to in the beginning, I began to have a clearer idea when “Jerry Springer” is mentioned. I watched several episodes and I think those are the people who can do the dumbest things in life and on snow. #10 about procreation. Hahaha LOL. Great idea, but it seems that these idiots are the only ones who are interested in procreating and multiplying continuously right now since they don’t consider the consequences. All the normal people are discouraged by child care, juggling work and family, high kindergarten fees, impossible college costs etc.

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    • Agreed, idiocy is not limited by gender, social status or financial privilege. There are stupid people across the spectrum of society, although I suspect the root cause of the stupidity is simple laziness and a lack of desire to do the right thing.

      In a perfect world, people should not be allowed to procreate unless they can prove that doing so would better society in some way. Just kidding. Well, mostly… 😉

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    • You’re exactly right, the folks who really need to read this never will, assuming that said folks can even read in the first place. I fear that written communication is lost on anyone who doesn’t have the requisite attention span to process anything longer that a tweet on Twitter…

      The videos of that smash are horrible. The chain of high-speed thud, thud, thuds is chilling…

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  6. I feel that your message merited reblogging. I watched the videos of the Dallas/FedEx crash and am angry at the rampant stupidity out there. We, here in Oklahoma, are bracing for a three-day blizzard. I am staying home. Idiots will still be out on the roads for no “good” reason, I guarantee that — they always are.

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    • “Rampant stupidity” is the perfect phrase. The intensity of the crash could have been avoided if folks had just been driving with some degree of caution…

      I don’t think I realized that you’re in Oklahoma. I grew up in Tulsa/Broken Arrow, so I know all about how challenging the winters can be there. It’s odd to me how, here in Dallas, just five hours south, the winters are so different. We rarely get snow or ice, but when we do, the locals completely lose their minds…

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    • Yep, that’s definitely how it is here in Texas. So many folks don’t know how to handle anything other than a warm, dry road. You can give them a full week of warnings about impending nasty weather, but they are still stunned when the nasty weather happens…

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  7. I laughed aloud as each exquisite point was unveiled. Cranky? Nah. Just telling it like it is. Since I live in a former ‘snow state’ (I say former because lately? Nobody can predict what the hell it is going to do out there. Maybe Mother Nature knows, but she ain’t saying.) I’ve encountered all of those idiots, and have probably been one or two of them myself, but there’s no proof and I’ll deny it. I have encountered the ‘underinsured’ idiot more than once which may explain why there’s no prying me out of my gopher hole when bad weather shows its face. I was almost arrested for assault in one of the encounters. And I know I sounded racist, but my god. If you pretend not to understand the language and the laws of where you squat, get the %@$& back where things make sense to you and there are other idiots who you can communicate with. Still makes me seethe, so best not to dwell on that.

    I can ‘snow drive’. Learned through hard lessons and one or two severe accidents just how to do it too. The best rule I’ve ever found? Stay the f*ck home if there’s more than an inch on the road. It saves everyone a LOT of angst.

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    • Mother Nature is certainly in a tizzy about something. This mess here in Texas is completely out of the ordinary. Sure, we get snow and ice from time to time (there are many winters where we don’t see either), but the incidents rarely last longer than a few days. We just spent well over a week below freezing, and that just doesn’t happen. Yet there are still climate-change deniers refusing to accept the reality of such.

      I can “snow drive” as well, an art learned in Oklahoma. I don’t worry about what I’M doing, because I know what to do. It’s the assholes unaware of the fact that they need to adjust their behavior that are the real threat.

      But yes, bottom line, just stay home. We get plenty of warning about nastiness a comin’, so there’s no reason why one can’t stock up on essentials, pull a few extra blankets out of the closet and spend some quality time with good books or a nice binge-session on Netflix…


  8. I have never driven in snow. I would be some of those idjits, I’m sure. It might be fun to take Ben to play in the local mountains when it snows, but I haven’t figured out a way to get there without driving myself.

    SoCal when it rains shows our regional idjits. Mostly you get “island cars” with Idjit owners on top saying “it didnt look that deep”

    I prefer to stay home even in clear sunny weather. It’s too people-y out there!😟

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    • You’ve NEVER driven in snow? You should do it at least once, just for the experience of seeing what it’s like being in a situation where you aren’t in complete control no matter how hard you try.

      Oh, wait. You go through that every day with King Ben. My bad. I think you win this round… 😉

      P.S. Those people who drive into standing water and then have to be rescued? I don’t have words strong enough…

      P.P.S. I’m now thinking my “King Ben” comment might be interpreted as rude or insensitive, but I hope you take it in the light-hearted way I meant it…

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      • No rudeness or insensitivity at all! It made me laugh. Calling him King Ben (and Mr Bootyhead) pretty much says it all.😂😂

        As for driving on snow… I’ve hit water on the freeway doing 75mph and hydroplane. I figure it’s pretty close to the snow experience. I didn’t like it. I also didn’t freak or crash… yay me!💃🏼

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  9. Luckily here we seem to suffer a dumping of snow no more than once every 5-6 years. Thank God. All you say is the cold hard truth. Last time we had a Santa event, as I trundled tentatively past our local BP station- which has a ‘Real Bean Cafe Coffeeteria attached- what did I see? Up to the covered entrance snarled a drifting rag top Mazda Miata, out bounded a flip-floped shorts and t-shirted dude. He slithered through the slush, somehow, managed to to slip inside and line up for his latte, a serenely simple stoned look on his dim flushed face. That’s the kind of devil-may-care cretin we have to deal with, someone with an unrequited appetite for a double shot and a deficit up top. A perfect recipe for disaster. The ‘mind’ of some people. Rant done. Take a deeeeeep breath…

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    • It’s the cluelessness that kills me. How HARD can it be to process the forewarnings aired by the local news that something wicked this way comes? How can you miss these warnings, yet you’re current on every episode of “The Real Housewives of Wellington”.

      We are doomed, my friend. Doomed.

      On a side note, how good ARE the lattes at “Real Bean”? Just curious… 😉

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    • It does make one wonder why some folks just cannot process a variance in their life patterns. If you really cannot react accordingly to a hiccup here and there, why are you leaving your house? Save the planet and stay on your couch…

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  10. We’ve had a foot of snow here in Seattle over the last 24 hours and the idiots are out. Very rare indeed (the snow, not the idiots). All of your 10 reasons apply here, too, plus we’ve got a lot of very steep hills. I’m hunkering down.

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  11. I live at the moment in Northwest Territories. It’s -30C, there’s 2 metres of snow on the ground, and I have a fully stocked survival kit in the back of my truck. I’ve literally been crawling along in conditions where I couldn’t see the edge of the road because of the snow, blowing snow and falling snow. If anyone knows about winter driving conditions, the Subarctic and Arctic denizens do. Still, I know what you mean. There are idiots everywhere.

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  12. I could have saved you a lot of time on this. Idiots shouldn’t drive in the snow BECUASE THEY ARE IDIOTS! In fact, that sentence could be shortened to “Idiots shouldn’t drive, period.” Forget snow, if your that dimwit that can’t handle a shopping cart without taking out an entire display or bash-ramming my ankle, there’s no way you should be allowed to operate any motorized vehicle.


    • I’m completely on the same page with you. If you can’t control a non-motorized contraption in an ice-free supermarket, you have absolutely no business doing anything on the open road. You should keep your ass at home and learn the wonders of “free delivery”…


  13. I had Drivers’ Education during one of the snowiest winters in northern Illinois history. I do fine in snow, so long as the other cars keep their distance. But down here in the South, they don’t invest in much snow removal technology for the one or two snows they get in an average year. Times like now, we’re all better off staying off the roads.
    I remember one day when it snowed while I was at work. I stayed through the normal evening rush hour and drove home about 7:30. I was in a little Ford Escort, but I passed a lot of four-wheel-drive vehicles that had slid off the road and were resting in front yards.
    And, no matter the weather, I generally have an idiot escort in any sort of traffic. Just one of the hazards of being part of the one percent of drivers who know what they are doing in a motor vehicle. J.

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    • It’s interesting that you bring up Driver’s Ed. 140 years ago in Oklahoma, when I took Driver’s Ed in high school, we spent a big chunk of time on “winter driving”. And the state test for a license? There were questions about what to do in icy conditions. Many years later, due to a weird situation that was not entirely my fault (though mostly), I had to take the test for a Texas license. Nowhere in the written test was there ANY mention of inclement weather. Nothing. I guess I’m mentioning all of this to point out that it’s very important to prepare budding young drivers for what CAN happen. If you don’t educate people, everyone suffers. Of course, you often can’t fix stupid, but you should at least try…

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      • My first summer in the south (not counting an internship in Miami, Florida), I was behind a pickup truck on roads that were wet from a downpour a few minutes earlier. We had to stop at every signal, and every time the light turned green, the driver spun his or her tires. Talk about a slow learner!
        But even in this morning’s improving conditions, I saw a driver start to lose control, overcompensate, and go sideways down a hill.
        Fortunately, traffic was light enough to allow room to recover. J.

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  14. This is awesome! I’ll put it out there on FB and Twitter too. I’m new on WP and haven’t built following yet. I let voiceover read this aloud to me. LOL great. I live in NYState and agree. I stopped driving when I was 30, due to blindness, but remember plenty of those days. And let us not forget, when you have a bit of snow or black ice… then the beautiful, yet brainless, deer decides to run into the road and stop. We have an area that is known for deer. I don’t even know the number of accidents each year becuase of them. Do people pay attention…. 😦 We are having an ice storm-at this moment. I cringe when I hear the fire siren go off, knowing they are probably heading to an accident. Thank you for the laugh. Great job! Wishing you and all a warm, cozy night.

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    • Thank you for sharing this! And welcome to the world of WordPress. For the most part, the writing community here is very supportive and hopefully you will connect with lots of folks who will encourage you to express yourself. My best advice? Write what you want to write, and the right followers will find you. Sure, you will have to do some networking here and there if you really want to increase your follow count, but just be yourself and write with honesty. Best of luck!


  15. 130 vehicles?! Seriously? That’s insane! And here I thought northern AZ was the worst, snow-skill wise.
    I’d like to say that MN drivers are great, but even they have their moments. Me? I just stay home. It’s better for everyone.

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    • Yep, 130 vehicles. I had to stop watching the videos, as it all became TOO much.

      I’m all about staying at home. We finally left the house yesterday, after a full week of seclusion. Oh, and stay tuned for the upcoming stories of how we had four feral cats sequestered in our house during that fateful week…. 😉

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  16. My thoughts driving around Colorado in the winter. Idiots never learn even when they encounter the same weather over and over again. You’d think with practice they’d get better, but sadly, no…

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  17. Thank you for this. After my many years as an over the road driver, everything you mention I’ve seen over and over! One of the worst things I have seen is “that person that’s weaving and bobbing out of traffic” that has not allowed adequate commuting time.

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    • It stuns me how inconsiderate some folks are. What happened to them when that makes them think they can do whatever they want in a vehicle without any regard to the consequences of their actions? I guess I went to a different school than they did… 😉

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  18. Gosh this piece was hilarious! Canadian here. At first I thought wow they have some snow! Expecting it to melt later. But it stayed and lead to frozen pipes bursting, houses freezing people dying etc. It’s even worse in Texas as they don’t have any power due to isolated power grid.
    But the thing is they just don’t know what winter is.
    I can only watch and Hope northern states can help them out

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    • Thanks, Ameila! You’re right, there are many folks here in Texas that “don’t know what winter is”, which is kind of sad, because it comes every year but they don’t learn anything. And that ridiculous isolated power grid? It was a bad political decision that should have been changed decades ago. Maybe this past week will open some eyes, but I have my doubts…


  19. Though I must say there are some idiots who live in Canada especially near the south border. Who think they don’t need to buy winter tires until it snows. Well by then the roads are blocked and full of ice what are you going to do?

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    • This angle is so annoying. Any reasonable person should know by now how weather works. Do the right thing and plan ahead. But nope, they wait until it’s too late and then they whine about it…


  20. I love your snarkiness! Perhaps more people need to read and heed, then there would be less of these idiots traveling around. But it may reduce what you’re able to write about and where’s the fun in that?! Thank you for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly, I do sometimes wonder about that aspect. If everyone was decent and kind and educated, then many of my posts here at Bonnywood would lose their relevance. So I suppose, in that small way, I should be thankful for stupid people. But mostly I’m still annoyed by them…. 😉


  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great and funny article! I’m an Austrian (very much used to snow and mountain driving) living in the middle part of Germany and have to suffer from those same idiots. Snow here is quite rare and there is utter chaos when there are even 5cm … we recently had the rare occasion of approximately 30-40cm and cold temperatures… so the snow actually remained for a couple of weeks instead of melting the same day … you can imagine the incapability of dealing with this 🤣. I just loved it, reminding me of home! (And I finally had the opportunity to wear my winter boots!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • And thank YOU for dropping by and making a comment. I grew up in Oklahoma, which is not that much further north than Texas, but it’s a world of difference when it comes to winter weather. Back home, we knew what to do when we had massive ice-storms. (Well, mostly. There are idiots everywhere.) In Texas, they lose their minds if one snowflake falls.

      But I’ll agree that our recently frigid weather DID allow me to drag out some of my old Oklahoma winter couture. It was fun (and nostalgic), and my favorite bit was putting on the half-inch-thick woolen socks so my toes could be toasty… 😉


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