10 Things to Do While Waiting for an Inspirational Blog Idea

1. Open the refrigerator door and stare into it.

  It’s still all the same stuff that was in there the last twenty times you looked, but if you stare hard enough you will notice something that you haven’t seen in a while. You probably won’t want to eat it, but at least it’s something different. Move the pickle jar slightly to the left. This will change your whole perspective.

  Open and close the produce drawer at least twice. There’s not any actual produce in here, because you haven’t used the bin correctly since two days after you bought the refrigerator, but that’s okay. Instead, you use this drawer for questionable items that should probably be thrown away, but it’s just too much work walking three steps to the trash can. Easier to throw things in here and then let your Aunt Eustace find fuzzy surprises when she visits for Thanksgiving.

  And you know the eggs have gone bad. Stare at them in their special container for a bit, wondering why eggs are the only things that get fancy places to live. Tell the pickles that they should speak with their Congressperson about better housing opportunities. Pretend that the pickles answer, because that makes it more exciting. Make plans to go out for drinks on Saturday.

2. Continue to not pay your bills.

  You know that stack on your desk is getting pretty high. Those little letters are lonely, especially the ones that you haven’t even bothered to open because people want money and you don’t have any. Perhaps you could at least prioritize them, moving those items that qualify as “really should do something about this one” to the top of the stack. But that would require you to make decisions, like whether or not the phone bill is more important than the electric bill, and who has time for that? Don’t pay anything and wait for something to be turned off. Make it a game. With sad little prizes.

3. Check out other blog sites.

  Go to one that you really like, one that has lots of followers who worship the writer and post glowing comments full of devotion. Dream about this. Then read one of the writer’s new entries, and realize that you can never produce something as stunning as that. Cry a little bit. Then recover, and add what you hope is a witty comment that will somehow magically increase traffic to your own site. This won’t happen, but at least you’ll have a purpose in life for thirty minutes.

4. Floss.

5. Check your email.

  Marvel at the number of kind and generous people who seem willing to part with large amounts of money if you’ll just provide a tiny bit of personal information. Ponder why there seems to be such an incredible need for mystery shoppers. Wonder what you might have clicked on at some point that would lead someone to believe you would be interested in racy photos of scantily-clad Russian nymphets as they go about farming duties.

  Delete any emails that reference your stack of unpaid bills. Just because you send me reminders does not mean that my paycheck is any bigger.

  Go through your mail folders, those things you swore you would keep organized THIS time but didn’t, and see if you can remember why you chose the insipid folder names that you did. Most of the names will not make any sense. Reviewing the contents of the actual folders only deepens the mystery. How did this happen? Do strangers have access to your account? Sadly, they don’t. You’re just getting old and forgetting things, like the number of children you actually have, what the hell is up with that unknown key on your key-ring, and the years 1987 and 1993.

6. Play Solitaire.

  Ignore the fact that this game is designed to disappoint you, with it being mathematically impossible to win more times than you lose. Don’t worry that the repeated crushing realization that you are out of moves can lead to mental instability, or at least the exchange of harsh words with nearby relatives who were just innocently inquiring if you would like some tea. Beverage-offerings aside, it is somehow their fault that you can’t get to the 6 of diamonds that you need.

  Give in to the addiction, let it consume you. Click away on that wireless mouse until the battery dies, thus giving you a reason to drive to Walgreen’s, thereby delaying the writing of your blog post even further. Once at Walgreen’s, peruse the candy aisle, checking carefully to see if anything new has been invented that you need to taste. Go to the greeting card section and turn all of the stupid ones face down. Contemplate why there are so many brands of enemas. Then think of Congress and you suddenly understand why.

7. Change your Facebook profile pic.

  Take a tranquilizer first, then go through images of yourself, looking for one that is halfway decent. Get slightly despondent that all of the really cute shots are at least twenty years old. Back when you had dreams and didn’t yet qualify for life-altering credit cards. So now you have to decide: Do you use one of the old ones, making you somewhat similar to those wicked people who use fake photos on dating websites? Or do you use one of the new ones, where you look like you just crawled out of a septic tank no matter how you style your hair?

  Perhaps you should have a glass of wine while you make your decision.

  In the end, don’t change the picture at all. Keep using the current image, even though you don’t like it anymore. Your friends are already used to that one, and they’ve stopped asking questions about what that thing is in the background, and why it looks like you’ve torn off half the picture. (No need to stir up the rumors about your “lost summer” with that guy you met at Luby’s who turned out to have issues and a criminal background the size of a phonebook.) Instead, just make a status update. Something about a rutabaga. Then keep refreshing the page until three people have “liked” it. Your work here is done.

8. Think about doing the laundry. Then don’t.

9. Organize the top of your desk.

  Hide everything in the drawer that has the most spare room. Decide to vacuum your mouse pad, because it will take at least fifteen minutes to get the Dirt Devil out and set it up, twenty if you pretend to look for the accessories that you haven’t seen in years. Clean your monitor, wondering exactly who it is that has been touching the screen so much, because it sure hasn’t been you. Or at least, not that you recall. (Is it time to consider a stronger vitamin regimen?) Move the printer, gaze at the dust bunnies, make vague plans to deal with that at some point, then shove the printer back in place.

10. Justify your slacker existence.

  Use an online dictionary to look up a word that you don’t really intend to use, because this is considered “research”. Call one of your friends and talk about mutual acquaintances who shouldn’t be wearing certain outfits when they look like THAT, because this is considered “social networking”. Go to YouTube and watch videos of stupid people hurting themselves after the phrase “hold my beer while I try this” is uttered, because this is considered a “cultural review”.

  And finally, just start writing down whatever pops into your head. There’s a risk of this resulting in useless gibberish of no value whatsoever. But sometimes you accidentally end up with something that might actually, minimally entertain your reader.


Previously published. Minimally revised and updated with extra flair for this post.

Story behind the photo: A random shot I took at the Dallas Zoo. I thought it was a nice homage to the barren wasteland that can be one’s mind when trying to write, with walls that seem insurmountable, a bunch of crap lying around that isn’t worth anything, and a complete lack of any other creature to share your pain. (P.S. It was 106 degrees that day. Whatever animals that were supposed to be in this exhibit had clearly hightailed it to the locker room, leaving the idiot humans to stagger around in the heat and take boring pictures of nothing.)

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  1. I laughed so much at this it’s amaaaazing. I am actually looking in awe at your blog right now and procrastinating with doing my own blog heheh….number 2…..I’m going number 2’s right now 😂😅🤣

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I am terrible when it comes to procrastination. I didn’t used to be this way, always racing to get everything done as soon as possible. Then again, in those days I was young and limber and still had some degree of admirable metabolism. Now? If I can avoid productivity, I will. Happily….

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  2. I appreciate that you have finally drawn attention to the bourgeoisie lifestyle of eggs that we has been mindlessly promoted for years, while the rest are left to rot in the lowly baskets.

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    • Right? I mean, those pretentious little eggs each have their OWN bedroom. I never had that growing up, forced to share a room with my bratty little brother for far too many of my formative years… 😉

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    • Now that I think about it, if dentists would just serve wine before their intrusive exams (what do you mean you need to drill on something?), I think I might enjoy visiting them much more… 😉

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  3. This is hilarious. The refrigerator thing. My fridge holds a case of Boost, a jar of mayonnaise, a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard. Before the virus, occasionally, I would venture to someone’s house and when they opened their refrigerators, it reminded me of a horders’ house. There was so much crap in there, I don’t know how they found anything.
    Now, in the “before time,” my refrigerator was pretty full, but these days the only thing it’s good for is to maybe…hide a body. LOLOL
    I pay my bills the day they arrive in the mail.
    I do check out other blogs.
    I do floss and use my waterpik.
    I only check my email when the choo choo sounds and most of the time it’s a message telling me how to stay “hard” and offering a deal for Viagra. WTF?
    I do play solitaire and Tetris.
    I’m not on Facebook.
    I do laundry once a month…when I run out of socks.
    I organize my desk when there’s no more room.
    I can’t justify my “slackerized” existence, so I don’t try.

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    • There are so many plot points I could pivot on with this comment, but I’ll focus on just a couple. One, our fridge is always crammed with everything under the sun, and the cramming proves your point that it is hard to find the thing that you are trying desperately to find. There are days when I get fed up with it, and I’ll whittle things down, tossing out things that should have been tossed out long ago. But within mere hours, that damn fridge is full again. I guess we’re food hoarders.

      Two, the Waterpik is one of the greatest inventions, period. Ever since I started using one several years back (and I’m knocking on wood here, lest I jinx myself), I haven’t had an issue at the dentist. That thing power-washes your mouth in a glorious manner that is mildly sensual, mmm hmmm…

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  4. So much for writer’s block 😂 … which we probably all have from time to time … since we’re still in lockdown here in Germany without my favourite writing coffeeshop haunt open and available, I need to compensate with Netflix as writing inspiration, accompanied with a nice Latte Macchiato Caramel to fake the coffeeshop atmosphere … great post as usual, Brian, simply hilariously funny 😂

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    • Thank you! And yes, we all run into writer’s block from time to time, even the folks who claim they never have any problem. (They’re lying. Or delusional. Take your pick.) We aren’t in lockdown here (because it’s Texas, and most of the elected officials couldn’t give less of a damn about choosing the prudent path) but things are still not what they used to be. My favorite writing haunts are not what they used to be. But we’ll get back to it, some day. Until then, Netflix it is…

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  5. Thank you for all of these wonderful ideas, you are always such an inspiration! I was surprised to find out how productive I have already been today, I’ve already accomplished 9 out of 10 of these, I think I deserve to take the rest of the day off. What is on the agenda for tomorrow?

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    • I do my best to proffer bits of advice that are pointless but festive. (I have that skill listed on my resume, sure do.) And I’m glad that you were able to be so productive, however elusive. We all like to feel that we have done something extraordinary, even if the validity of our actions prove negligible in the end.

      Tomorrow’s agenda? I’m thinking pie. We should sample lots of pies. And we should watch mundane movies that are just entertaining enough that we don’t bother to change the channel, convincing ourselves that this is more of the whimsical but necessary cultural research that is crucial to our writerly authenticity… 😉

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    • Yes, please strive for an expansive archive. I cannot tell you the pleasure it brings me. Sure, it took a lot of work, over many years, but there are literally thousands of options stored in my twisted catacombs. On days (weeks?) when I’m not in the mood for a new bit, I can bang around in the dusty digital boxes and find SOMETHING I haven’t shared in years but is still moderately enjoyable. All those many late nights whacking at my keyboard have paid off, exponentially. Of course, being as I am, I often ignore my initial plan to just re-post verbatim, and I’ll tinker around, sometimes extensively, to the point that I essentially change the entire story. But as we both know, it’s much easier to fiddle with something you’ve already scribbled than it is to come up with a brand new song… 😉

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  6. I came, I read and I ‘stole’. Thoughtfully of course. I tipped the waiter, I swear!

    The refrigerator thing. My fridge has squatters, hiding behind whatever it is growing in the seldom-used vegetable bin. I honestly have cleaned it out, but more stuff just seems to appear in there and the last time that happened, I got overly discouraged. Now cleaning out the fridge is one of those things one does when one is waiting for inspiration. Warning. It might dampen the creative process permanently because one is made ill by the sight of their own slovenliness. It happens.

    I throw a dart at the mail pile, and whichever lucky bill gets stabbed is the winner for the month. Of course, it’s been noted that bill companies don’t have any shred of a discernible sense of humor, and are apt, without warning, to shut things down and leave one crying in the dark or sweltering in hot weather, or freezing in the cold, saying “I KNOW I paid that %$@#% bill!! I KNOW IT!” I’ve heard the same phenomenon happens to those with permanent denial problems.

    I do check out other blogs. I know this because a) I ‘wake up’ and it is roughly fourteen hours since I last surfaced and my bladder is planning to leave the planet. Permanently. b) Where do all the toothsome blog ideas come from? I’ve ceased to believe in the blog-fairy with her/his magic wand. No. There’s effort involved there, someone else’s.

    I have “70s” teeth. An explanation for those still reading. “70s” teeth is a phenomenon found in America where stars of screen and TV didn’t have expensive dental work like caps and veneers and whitening agents designed to blind a generation or two. A lot of emphasis wasn’t really placed on certain people paying a great deal of attention to things like flossing. Plus my teeth are really small and cramped (so I have a SMALL mouth really. HA!) and getting floss between them is very uncomfortable and tiresome. I don’t do that much. I get a lecture roughly once a year on doing it, I vow to, and I promptly forget about it when the next high wind comes whistlin’ down the plain.

    I check my email with a devotion that only those with OCD can understand. Is there a movement to check it more? I don’t think I can schedule in the time frankly.

    I’m currently playing “Bridge To Another World” – a computer game that has several versions and which will occupy me until the next shiny thing falls off the virtual tree.

    I’m not on Facebook. Well, I AM, but my membership is being allowed to dry up. Too much stupidity over there now (IMHO) and the danger of being infected, not to mention my climbing blood pressure makes FB a bad idea.

    I do laundry when things start to move around on their own OR when I’m out of clean pants.

    What’s this desk organization thing of which you speak? Oh. I remember now. It’s what I do periodically when I just get some hefty garbage bags and push everything in sight into those bags and put it out with the trash. That’s how I lost my very super important Medicare ID card I’m sure. My method works for me, but I don’t highly recommend it.

    No slackers here. Just possible plagiarizers. Ha! I got that obscure word worked right into the comment.

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    • So many jumping points, here. Let’s see if I can get through a respectable amount of them.

      I’m simply appalled at the general status of our fridge, as there’s always something in there that should have been thrown away before Amelia Earhart got on that plane. I can blame some of it on the fact that we lost our minds at one point and bought a fridge bigger than Portugal, with acres of storage. It’s nice in one way, as we always have room for whatever. But it’s very bad in the other in that things get shoved and hidden, allowing them to exist way beyond their shelf life.

      I’m terrible when it comes to paying bills on time. The money is there, but I can’t stand the whole process of giving that money to other people, so I procrastinate and hem and haw and next thing you know I’m paying late charges for no reason other than my own irresponsibility and not my lack of finances….

      I spend WAY too much time on other blogs, many hours, every day. I’ve got to figure out how to curtail that, but at the same time I can’t help myself when I see a post that looks intriguing, coupled with the fact that I’m SO appreciative of all the folks who read my own posts. I don’t want any Bonnywood guests to be slighted, yet on the flip side, I’m slighting some folks because I don’t have the time to make comments. Still trying to work this out…

      I’m not sure if you’ve seen my comment discussion with Laurel, but we are both fans of the Waterpik. Until I finally listened to my dentist and got one, there would be yearly, and costly, incidents with my teeth. After I got one? Smooth sailing. (So far.) All those “you need to floss more” admonitions stopped. I was never good at flossing, as my teeth are very big and tightly packed. It was too discouraging getting the damn floss stuck in there all time. I don’t floss at all now, as the Waterpik works wonders. Check into buying one, if interested. (If memory serves, my unit was about 50 bucks or so. Not too pricey, really, considering the benefits.

      I’m obsessed with my email, even though I know I shouldn’t be. I don’t want to miss a thing.

      Facebook can bite it, as far as I’m concerned. I check in every so often, mostly just to share my latest posts, and then I hightail it out of there.

      Partner has a thing about doing laundry, so we tend to such every weekend.

      Some day I will share a photo of my desk in our office. It’s cluttered from here to Sunday and back. Luckily, I do all my writing on a laptop in another room, so I basically ignore what’s happening on that wretched other desk. Just one of my life choices… 😉

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  7. No slackers over here. I got my taxes done, I have clean socks (ditto teeth), my bills are paid and my refrigerator is a monument to cleanliness and order. Martha Stewart could do a photo-shoot in there. It’s nice to have a fantasy every now and then. 😉

    All except the taxes – those are actually done. But that’s only because I’m married to an accountant.

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    • Bless him. No. Seriously BLESS him. I’m exempt from taxes, being poverty stricken (or close to it) plus the money I do get is from them (government) in the first place, and even they see the irony of paying on something that they gave one in the first place. My siblings who do pay their taxes would probably kill to have an accountant in the family..

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      • Thank you, Melanie. I am very, very fortunate, because I really would rather do almost anything else. He’s found us lots of little “nuggets” that add up, too.

        Not sending the same money back and fourth? Wow! Sometimes they (gov’ts) get it right. (It felt weird typing that. 😉 )

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    • Lynette and Melanie: Ugh, those pesky taxes. They used to drive me crazy when I was still working, when I would watch a third of my eye-opening (yes, I’ll admit it, we’re friends here) salary go to people who were not me. Once I retired, the annoyance remained, but now it’s all about the mind-boggling intricacies of juggling and justifying my revenue streams from different IRAs and annuities and whatnot. It could make anyone insane, but I still insist on slogging through it all myself, which means I’m probably missing out on many of the “nuggets” that Lynette mentions. Sometimes I can be a bit hard-headed about things. Surprised? 😉

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  8. 1. Make a sandwich and leave it on the kitchen counter until the bread turns into twin rocks and the lettuce runs off with the tomato.
    2. Take a hot bath and then fall asleep in it until 5 am.
    3. Make the bed, then take a nap messing up the bed and don’t make it again.
    4. Reorganize your office and then spend a month looking for a stapler that you swear you put in that top desk drawer. Find no pencils or pens but do find that long lost bugs bunny pez dispenser. Eat stale pez.
    5. Learn to meditate and then don’t.
    6. Train to run a marathon but never make it past the first lesson, and run a marathon anyway tearing your muscles away from your bones and wind up in surgery for a torn Achilles heel.
    7. Call old friends but remember that you have fear of the phone and hang up every time they answer, forgetting to turn off caller ID they call back but don’t answer the phone. They probably hate you anyway.
    8.Text too much and cause people to say, do you ever pick up the phone, and then stop texting them.
    9. Find lots of useless free stuff on Craigslist, and go pick it up so you have to then give it away for free realizing you have nowhere to put a flea infested bison head, but no one picks up your free stuff.
    10. Let the weeds overtake your garden, saying to your partner, what you want me to weed the garden wearing a mask? What if the mail carrier comes by and isn’t wearing a mask and gives me Covid? You weed the garden then.
    11. Fight with your partner causing them to want to go weed the garden just to get away from you.
    12. Let the refrigerator run down to nothing but hot sauce, mayo, ketchup, and moldy strawberries but forget to go to the market until its tool late and they’re closed.

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    • This right here could be a blog post all on its own, plump as it is with delicious and creative absurdity. (I should point out that I’m mildly jealous of your efforts, but we needn’t get into the weeds of it all.) I need to work on how I can incorporate this into a future Bonnywood installment. (Reality translation: I’ll think about it a lot but most likely will never follow through, because, lately, I have the attention span of a drunken gnat.) We’ll see what happens…

      In the interim, let us all hope we have the chance to run away with the tomato…

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      • There’s more. I get list logo-diarrhea about once a day, which is seven lists a week and roughly 28/ month. Frequently forgetting to make a list I absolutely do not remember most of what I need to do so I do a bunch of shit I shouldn’t be focusing on:
        1. Organize my “new” office
        Sub-list 1
        a. Put all colored pencils together
        b. Find all colored pencils
        Sub-list 2
        a. Organize kitchen
        b. Find all items that belong elsewhere in the house and put in labeled bins
        c. Give away three unopened bottles of cinnamon
        d. Recycle all the tops for lost plastic containers
        e. Look for lost plastic containers one more time before throwing away lids
        f. Curse and yell “why the fuck do I have twice as many lids as containers” and take a nap exhausted from the thought of how one stupid project leads to 10 more.
        g. Check downstairs fridge locate containers
        Sub-list 3
        a. Clean out downstairs fridge
        b. Determine if the moldy leftovers in missing containers is worth the effort of opening a penicillin factory or throw them on the gas generator running 24/7 across the street in the neighborhood meth manufacturing hoodlums’ front yard.
        c. Remember they probably have guns and did not appreciate the night I directed a laser pointer right between their eyes like someone was out to get them and start laughing like a 10 year old in the bushes from beside my house running away and denying I would do something so immature when they “pop by” to see if someone had pointed a gun at us because they noticed someone had pointed a gun at them. (True story) lie and say “nope no guns here you must be imagining things.”
        And this is the life of a list maker. Completely disorganized but the house is clean – who needs a list for being anal retentive and a clean freak anyway.
        Abysmal I know. I’ll never find my neon pencil set either.

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  9. Every one hits the frikkin’ wall sometime. Reminds me of a literal blockage I recall not too long ago. Let’s call this A Failure To Communicate. When all inspiration disappears / As the feared writers block nears / When every high lofty thought / Suddenly comes up woefully short / Words once guaranteed to soar / Ain’t taking off no more / Now every ponderous paragraph / Would be far better- by half, / Thoughts that had acrobatically flown / Now lie stuck in the Twilight Zone, / Words that, everyday, came out to play / Have quietly, silently shied away, / Where words once were my friends / Suddenly their support abruptly ends, / Where once I argued with panache / Now my ripostes are … dot … – and dash- / Fox arguments verging on the absurd? / I have no reply but to flip the bird, / Every once well-articulated shot fired / Now feels hackneyed, old and tired, / And every one-time well aimed round / Tumbles, leadenly, emptily , hollowly to ground, / When the words to describe you are / Only fit for filling up the swear jar / When those words you seek you can’t find- / They stay mired in your st-st-stuttering mind / When the word-stream reduces to a trickle / You know you’re in an indescribable pickle.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’m failing to understand why your comment did not win a Pulitzer Prize of some kind, speaking eloquently, as it does, of the sheer pathos of humanity, at least in the blogging world. Of course, I have no idea who has won WHAT Pulitzer Prize lately, coupled with the fact that you don’t qualify for a Pulitzer in your Land of Dwelling. (Or at least I think you don’t. Perhaps I should google something.) In any case, I think it’s sage advice that we all strive to NOT become an indescribable pickle, even if such a term may or may not have been tossed about during my sordid dating experiences in college…

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  10. I think the Dallas Zoo picture is cool. (Bad choice of words for a 106 degree day, I know.) I don’t intend to floss, to think about doing laundry, or to change my Facebook photo. But I think I will go study the refrigerator. I’ll try moving the pickle jar. J.

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    • Thank you for making note of the photo. I am not the greatest photographer, by any means, but this snap managed to tell a story all on its own, even if that story has nothing to do with my scribblings.

      As for the pickle jar, please do peruse and potentially manipulate such. Proper condiment placement is a fine art that has been woefully ignored lately… 😉

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  11. I played Solitaire once, but I couldn’t stand losing to myself, so I tried Gin and found that I couldn’t stand at all. So now, I just play with my organ and make beautiful music together.

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    • Thanks, Stuart. I agree completely, in that writing humor pieces that actually work can be quite tricky, and the genre really doesn’t get the respect it deserves when compared to other types of writing. But we’ll keep trying, right? 😉

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  12. Looks like you were able to make a silk purse from a procrastinating sow’s ear. I too have a fancy container for my eggs–I don’t know why, it just came with the fridge but I feel obligated to use it!

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    • In a bit of (completely unnecessary) defiance, we have stopped using the the built-in egg den in our fridge, mainly because we found this overly-cute little container that accomplishes the same, but in a much more pleasing manner. (Said container is pale turquoise and it has a lovely 1950s retro vibe. How could we not love it?) Said former den has been remodeled (the tray just popped out of the covered compartment, imagine that) and now that’s where we keep our copious butter supplies. Because apparently we cannot live our lives without at least 5 different kinds of congealed dairy that will eventually lead to artery-clogging. And so it goes…

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  13. LOL, love your humor and this is great. Wish you a wonderful life. I have to say #2 can cause huge anxiety and may even cause internet disruption, which will deprive me the pleasure of seeing your future blogs. Don’t be too hard on yourself–you have many adoring fans and you don’t need to envy other blog sites. Love that picture too–are you trying to build a camp fire? Love all of them, but especially #7. “Take a tranquilizer first.” LOL. I need that to hear my voice or look at my photo or even reflect on my introvert personality. If I add any item to your list, I will say pulling things out of the writing folder and wonder how one can improve and try to improve and finally give up.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh no, we can’t have any internet disruption. That bill gets paid first, before anything else. (Just kidding. Electricity and gas are slightly more important. Just slightly.) As for my envy of other blogs, I still have a little bit of that (how does one get 2,000 likes on a single blog post? I can’t even imagine), but I’ve mostly let it go. This piece was originally written years ago when I had 2 followers and not a lot of hope. Things have changed and now I have lots of folks visiting, including you, and I am quite grateful.

      And yes, I should have included a plot point about that never-ending mess wherein we review the contents of our writing folder, and realize that none of the possibilities are ready for release to the world without serious editing. On the flip side, I love that folder, because it’s full of possibility, and that’s a lovely thing to be full of… 😉

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    • It’s just so easy to lie to ourselves and say “well, let me take care of this little thing over and and I’ll get RIGHT BACK to working on this story…” 😉


  14. Omg! I found you cause I accidentally clicked on, “Discover,” rather than, “Following,” and I’m glad I did. You are hilarious! I think we are about the same age so, I related to quite a bit. I love the blog about what you’d be doing on a Friday night if it were 1984. Me? I was waiting tables in Tampa trying to earn tuition. Love everything I read!!! I’m a fan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s always fun to run across folks who are roughly the same age as you, as we tend to have the same general experiences even if those experiences happened in different places across the country and the world. As for tuition, I earned some of mine by being a Resident Assistant at the University of Tulsa, a position that mostly involved me doing my best to keep drunken college students from accidentally burning down the dormitories. Good fun! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I never lived on campus but, I heard all the stories and even went to parties at USF as a HS senior. I have so much writing fodder from my waitressing days. Good material. Thanks for responding. I will be popping by now and then. Have a good week.

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