Frosted June – #2

Evan wiped away a tear, the wetness and the action long unfamiliar. “I didn’t know. How could we have been so wrong?”

Maggie sighed, action familiar, constant over the years. “Because we were stupid. We wanted to blame her and we did. It was easier than blaming ourselves.”

Evan took a deep breath, then let it out slowly, haltingly, tiny repercussions among the silent cobwebs. “We have to tell the rest of the family.”

Maggie stiffened. “No!” Then relaxed. “Not everyone. Not yet. Think of the things we’ve done, what we’ve said. Things that are now lies, things that cannot be undone. We must take our time.”

“But what about her children? Surely they have the right to know. It could give them some peace.”

Maggie sighed again, another bead in her endless, twisted rosary. “And what peace will that be? How can there be peace learning that the person you hated did not do what made you hate them?”

“I would think there would be a lot of relief. After all these years.”

“Really, Evan? The story that we’ve told those children, the story they have been raised on, is a deception. A serious deception. Any time you rip away what someone has always believed in all their lives, there is going to be fallout. Even if the intentions are good. Trust is the hardest thing to get back once you lose it.”

Evan turned to look at his sister, now his only. “But we will tell them. And someday they will understand what we did.”

Maggie nodded, another bead touched. “Yes. And maybe.”

A crow, dark and glistening, flew over their heads, crossing the tiny graveyard and quickly disappearing.

The cobwebs rippled on the modest headstone, fluttering, brief glimpses of the chiseled year that changed everything.

Previously published, tiny changes made. This is the second in a series of stories inspired by one of Claudette’s posts involving her gorgeous photography. More to come, eventually…

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  1. “tiny repercussions among the silent cobwebs” … exquisite. I hope there is a forthcoming explanation though, because where my mind went? Not worth exploring. You are multi-faceted sir, and I’m glad you showed this side!

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    • Thanks, Sister! When I originally penned this, I initially meant for the “what happened” to be purposefully vague, other than whatever it was happened some time ago. I did have a back story in mind, but I wanted the reader to fill in his or her own blanks. Since you and several others are interested in finding out the “what”, I just might revisit this one. And I’m fairly certain what might be in your mind is probably not what was in mine…


      • I’m sure your thoughts on ‘what happened” bear no resemblence at all to what I filled in for ‘what happened.” But then I’ve been watching a lot of rather dark British murder mysteries lately and well, THAT’s where my mind went. With attendant unsavory sexual overtones. My bad! Uh…. O_o

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    • As I mentioned in my response to your comment on #1, I really enjoy fiddling with a variety of genres, but most of the time Bonnywood gets the funny stuff and not so much of the serious. On a related note, this is why I was so enraptured of that one black-and-white photo you took of the time-worn but ornate double planter. There was so much going on in the image that story prompts were clicking away in my head…

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