Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #143

This is what people were required to wear at a public beach in 1900. Suddenly, your life doesn’t seem so bad, eh? 

Note: This is part of a whimsical on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. Several women are wearing stockings, right? Or my eyes are playing a trick on me. And probably high heels too. LOL. At least half of the women have their upper arms covered too. And probably even wear gloves. Was 1900 still the Victorian era?

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  2. Okay, since I had firm hold of the wrong end of the stick and was saving all my gems until you returned for really reals, you’re going to get nine different comments on nine of your short blogs. Here’s the first:

    Brian originally wrote a little something about ‘haute couture circa 1900″ (emphasis on “haute” only spelled “HOT” because you just know some of those pictured folk were choking in/on their bathing costumes).   I thought I’d draw the thread out a bit more and offer the following tidbits (seeds) Brian may wish to take and run with in some future time when things left unfinished are finally all tidied up and put away neatly (aka never).   

    The bathers frolicked in the invigorating ocean, never knowing the risk they took.   To themselves and to future generations because that ocean was laced with all sorts of nasty, not friendly to humans waste and offal (in some cases literal offal).  Nuclear waste might be coming in the future, but the slag from the industrial revolution was toxic enough.  No visible regulations of dumping that stuff were in place in those long ago halcyon days.  You could spew where you wanted and be damned to Millies who worried about things like water quality and environmental impact.   Just ask anyone from Massachusetts where whole rivers became so polluted, the three headed fish was considered commonplace.  It impacted several species of sea life as well, causing the birth of a huge white mutant shark who went on to Hollywood Stardom in an odd little movie entitled with the not yet trendy ‘one word title’.   (if you’re clueless, give this a listen (right click the dum —> dum dum dum) is it all coming back to you now?)

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    • Yep, your seeds are already germinating in my mind. Working title: “The Day the Glowing People Walked out of the Ocean and Everything Got All Jacked Up”. (Clearly, said title needs some finessing.) This will most likely be a multi-part series, with one entire episode dedicated to a disgruntled jellyfish who is displeased that other creatures can create their own light but he cannot, due to a vitamin deficiency that is never fully explained. Meryl Streep will make a cameo in Episode 4, reprising her Karen Silkwood character from back in the day when Cher really, really wanted us to take her seriously as an actress. (Alas, Cher will not be joining Meryl in the reprise, since Cher is genetically incapable of wearing any outfit that covers more than 20% of her body.)

      See? Already germinating. I look forward to your other seeds with great relish. And a little bit of mustard…. 😉


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