Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #146

Some people just weren’t raised right…

Note: This is part of a whimsical on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. Boy, that’s a Big One !

    It is ? What are you looking at ?

    Same thing you’re looking at.


    Didn’t I tell you what I saw at the last photo-shoot ?

    You said there was an accordion player, a tap dancer, and an oak ping pong table.


    Perhaps,… I should adjust the f/stop on the camera.

    It was too late for adjusting the f/stop when you got in that position.

    I prefer a creative point of view when I’m composing a shot.

    So do I, that’s why I am standing behind this foliage.

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  2. Are they paparazzi? It’s said they have to camp outside of celebrities’ home for days. It is a terrible job and people hate them. I sometimes wonder if I would take such a job if I can’t find anything else.

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  3. Part Two of the post that went awry:

    Here’s my take:

    Buffy and Selma decided that taking their new ‘like a second skin!” jeans for an airing/outing was a fine idea.  Given the proximity to certain areas, the pants were admittedly a little bit ‘funky’.  Also, as tight as those pants were, somebody was bound to make rather rude remarks about seeing camel’s toes or how such constricting clothing could impair reproduction ideas for the pair in the future.   The two women didn’t care.  They’d been playing frolic tag in the bushes since their pre-adolescent years and found in each other the perfect answer to everything.  I mean, who needed additional complications which come with playing frolic tag with anyone with a twig and berries?  Using cameras as part of their effort to hide the obvious (since they weren’t hiding anything else.  Not in those pants) became second nature, and Selma (standing) became quite a good nature photographer.  Buffy on the other hand, found sliding down a wall and spreading her goodies for all and sundry to potentially slaver over, more fulfilling.  She got her fair share of attention from many bearers of twigs and berries, and one very confused squirrel, but always went home with her bestie, Selma.

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    • What a splendidly charming and romantic story, if a bit warped and funky. Well, then. I won’t even have to rewrite this one. I’ll just quietly steal the concept from you and we’ll move on, shall we? We shall. 😉


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