Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #152

“Hi! I’m Daisy. I just had a operation and they gave me morphine. I like morphine, it’s my friend. My foot likes morphine, too. See? And this shower brush likes morphine. I don’t know where it came from, but he’s nice. Do you know where they make morphine? Because I might need some more.”

Note: This is part of an on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. I just reread that comment and realized it sounds like I self gratify with oversized weeds in the pre dawn hours. What I meant to say was 5:00am is too early in the day for rational replies…. I mean, really. Dandelion blooms? Not nearly enough tensile strength.

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  2. Whether you are here or yonder, whether you are false or true
    Whether you remain or wander, I’m growing fonder of you
    Even though your friends forsake you, even though you don’t succeed
    Wouldn’t I be glad to take you, give you the break you need

    Morphine than you know, morphine than you know
    Girl of my heart, I love you so
    Lately I find you’re on my mind
    Morphine than you know.

    – The Drug Peddler’s Song from the musical, Over the Moon and Down the Lane

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    • Hold up. I’m a little confused, here. At first I thought you had composed this yourself, and I was actually quite moved by the beautiful word-pageantry. Then I spied the tag line and thought, oh, this has been “borrowed”. Yet I didn’t recognize the name of the musical and, since I’m gay, I felt disappointed with myself for not knowing anything about said musical. So off I went to Google, with clicking and whatnot, and I couldn’t find any references to the song or the musical.

      So now I’m wondering… are you just messing with me (which is fine, I’m just trying to clarify) or have I finally gone around the bend and I no longer have the skills to utilize Google in a productive manner? Please advise. 😉

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      • Shhhh-gooler is a better search method, but very difficult to find. Incredible stealth mode & it doesn’t leave a digital footprint. 🙂
        The play is an adaptive mash-up of The Three Penny Opera & Hoarse Feathers. Combined efforts of Irving Berlin, Kafka, and S.U. M. Schmo.

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  3. Part Three:

    Daisy the morphine addict to be smiled prettily at the camera.   Her momma always said to smile, it improved things.   Daisy wasn’t going to argue with that, although the situation in Opiod-ville would have made her agreeable to most anything.  Take the ‘couture’ the woman is dressed in.  Fringe and feathers are all well and good, but someone put that stuff on Daisy with a freakin’ trowel!  To detract attention away from the fact that Daisy was seriously stoned, the photographer gave her a gigantic mutant gone-to-seed dandelion to twirl.   Daisy giggled.  Bath brushes for the Giant atop Jack’s infamous bean stalk were so strange and poufy looking.   And laughter is good.  Well, if you listen to Daisy, morphine plus anything is good.   She clearly hadn’t visited the darker side of Opiod-ville.  Yet.  The day would come and she would cackle and frolic and take up her new role as “The Witch” in an off off Broadway production of “Oz” (no resemblance to any TV or actual play intended and certainly not to our lovely friends ‘down under’).  Daisy shouted, rather abruptly, “And your little dog too *cackle cackle cackle* , which scared the photographer who only wanted to earn his meagre crust of bread and go home and sit in his hot tub, where over medicated women didn’t screech abruptly.   Daisy contemplated hat big field of poppies that Dorothy (the real one who actually went to Oz ) got to go take a nap in.  Some girls have all the luck.  The fringe feathers agreed.

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    • It’s official. I will now be sending all of my “can’t figure out what to do with this mess” abandoned Past Imperfects in your direction, as you are proving stunningly adept at salvaging my misfires. This was a hoot!


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