Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #154

Mickey: “Isn’t it swell that we’re getting married?”

Ava: “It’s lovely. Wait, is that Frank Sinatra over there? Hold my purse, I’ll be right back.” 

Note: This is part of an on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

P.S. Ava eventually divorced Mickey and married Frank, although she also managed to marry and divorce bandleader Artie Shaw in the interim, thus explaining the twisted backstory behind this otherwise confusing story seed…

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  1. Little known fact – Mickey married frequently because was actually a cross dresser who raided his wives’ closets every other Saturday. The women put up with it because he gave such fabulous fashion advice.

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  2. Ava: The photoshoot is over. I want to stand up now.

    Frank: Did someone slip you a Mickey ?

    Ave: Now that you mention it, the Eat Me & Drink Me props from the Alice in Wonderland movie did leave me buzzing .

    Mickey: You should have been at the wrap up party for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Cagney was such an ass.

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  3. Four, if anyone is keeping count.

    Brian educates me.   I never knew Mickey Rooney (why do I keep trying to write ANDY? I know the difference, really I do) and Ava Gardner hooked up.  It boggled my mind for about 5.2 seconds and then I moved on:

    The unlikely pair cooed at each other.   Because it was the honeymoon phase of their relationship.   It would turn sour in short order, partially because the bride was a buxom dark eyed temptress who melted men’s resolve with a single melancholy breath.    The groom on the other hand was a short (sorry, Mickey, but you were) fresh faced farm boy looking man, who never got much respect (less than Rodney Dangerfield, it’s rumored), but who always had armfuls of honeys.   Like Ava.   They came for the vague smell of greenbacks, that Mickey exuded, rather like the pheromones that swirled above Ava’s head.   Ava smiled widely for the camera.   She knew that the farm boy who really wasn’t, was good for something anyway.  His back was sturdy enough to support her as she climbed over him on the way to the top.

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    • There was definitely some kind of mystique about Mickey, as he managed to have eight wives over the course of his many years. (And he also managed to appear in over three HUNDRED movies. That man was BUSY. I’m worn out just typing this.) As for her part, Ava was only married a comparatively modest three times. And she was born in Grabtown, North Carolina, which perhaps explains why her marriages were more calculated and profitable… 😉


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