Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #166

Mary agreed to do the movie despite her concerns that the wardrobe mistress had an unhealthy infatuation with layered skirts, Santa’s elves, and sausage casings…

Note: This is part of an on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. Strains of “But I Am A Good Girl” play a discreet counterpoint to the certainly risqué for the time couture sported by the always innocent appearing Mary Pickford.  A certain rather shabby glamor is adhered to the outfit, as evidenced by the artfully torn net underskirt.  That was actually torn by an ardent fan, whom Mary had to repulse or lose her standing as Virgin #1 in the upcoming Follie “Girls On The Half Shell”, where dancing sausages confused the audience as to the meaning of the dance-traveganza!  Was it about seafood or mystery meat?  And actually, that odd hanging bit of netting might be some sort of attempt at coordinated accessorization, it’s possibly a purse, bag or is it a hat?! strung from under the skirt of Mary’s slutty costume.   Wait!  Do I espy a subtle chain attached to that bag?  Who knows what contents lurk in the bag hat of Mary?  Only she knows for sure and you can bet she’s not talking.  Because “talkies’ were slightly after her time..

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