Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #174

Marlon: “I know you’re keeping secrets from me, now spill it!”

Vivien: “Moi? Why, whatever could you be talking about?”

Marlon: “Like why is this hand so much bigger than your other one?”

Note: This is part of an on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. Whatever nature of your experiment, I like your post. Always. Is this “The Street Car Called Desire”? It’s such a sad story. Usually I don’t like hopelessly sad stories, but somehow this one is still quite readable. Tennessee has more sympathy for women than other writers. Women, live a life for men, and in the process, doom themselves.

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  2. It’s a frame. He’s holding his own wrist in front of her, making it seem to the camera that he has her by the arm, but her other arm is behind her back, clutching a half-empty bottle of wine. She is considering whether striking him on the head is worth the loss of the rest of the White Zin, since it’s Sunday afternoon and all the liquor stores are closed. J.

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  3. Marlon, after being told by the movie director to ‘get a grip on his machismo.’ Marlon, as usual, taking the Method school of acting all too literally. Time to give him a slap upside the head, Viv.

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  4. I’m confused. Marion WHO? (undoubtedly another gaping hole in my entertainment knowledge net. I BET “Marlon” was christened Marion, which explains loads as to why he grew up and became who he became.) Vivian was dismayed that the evidence of her two-natured soul (she’s a were-parrot in another life) has burst the boundaries of common sense and forced itself upon her at a crucial moment in her interaction with a guy named (apparently) Marion. She was about to say those immortal words “I rely on the kindness of strangers” (with a Southern accent that could curdle cream), but the parrot, mutant hand/claw took center stage and her moment in the spotlight was lost. She later had it surgically removed and ended up featuring in those horrid ‘news’ rags like “The Inquirer” (I know I spelt it wrong, I don’t need to be sued for using their actual name)…as a before and after example of why never to trust the seller of a ‘magic hormone potion” when their offices are under the Pier (dock) in Atlantic City.

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    • Glaring errors that became apparently only after I’d pushed “post comment”. AIn’t it always the way though? Vivian should be VIVIEN (from your interpretation of the spelling of that name) and I had a witty about a street car, but it’s definitely fled now. No doubt cowed by the claw…

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    • This is an exuberantly-creative take, though it just might work if we get the right director. Of course, we should probably change the name of the movie to “A Birdcage Named Desire”, but other than that, roll camera…

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      • Do you think we could get Nathan Lane to play Vivien (haha! spelt it RIGHT this time!) ? Since Another He Who Shall Not Be Named is dead now, who could play Marion? (which I realize was MARLON all along and it was a speck on my computer screen that had me seeing Marion… O_o) It’s true you know. Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet than to open one’s comment mouth and let everyone know they are a fool. I did that this time. 🥺

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