Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #178

Are any of these men able to wear a hat with grace and style? No. Is the happy kindergarten teacher with the six beers an alcoholic? Yes. Is that Sandra Bernhard doing a photo bomb on the right? Quite possibly. Will any of these people remember what they were doing or why they did it when dawn breaks? Of course not.

Note: This is part of an on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. I had entirely the wrong end of the stick, and have this massive post of witty repartees for ALL your shorts so far. I shall remedy that and cut them down to comment size so you can digest little bits instead of having to try to eat an entire turkey dinner at one sitting. My bad.

    Now this tasty little morsel brought me the following seeds…

    The school teacher and the possible Sarah Bernhart sighting woman have too many appendages between them. One is a distinctively masculine man hand and I wonder if Dr. Frankenstein was in that party and sewed someone a new arm and hand. More to hold more beer or beer nuts you see. It’s sort of attached to the elbow of the inebriated school marm. If you spot it, it will also make you wonder about the torso/head combination of the Sarah bomber. If that’s her torso, her head is at a very odd angle indeed (more shades of Frankenstein, the doctor, not the monster).

    IDK. I hope you are having tons of fun on your holiday! 🙂

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    • Your interpretation is very astute. And now that you mention the limb manipulations and I study the photo further, it appears that nearly everyone in the scene has had or greatly needs surgery. (Why is that one man’s head so big? Holy cow.)

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      • Frankenstein’s monster came to the party is all. He was wearing his ‘incognito’ disguise, but could do nothing whatever about that monstrous 😆 appendage atop his shoulders. What I’d like to know is why ‘proud Mary” (or Amelia?) is holding SIX mugs of beer. Everyone else has a frugal one. Was she THAT special? And now that you pointed out Ms. Dour-face 1904, yikes! Who let the ‘dogs’ (apologies to canines everywhere) out? That woman could throw cold water on any festive gathering…Her seat mate (she of the faux fox fur) has obviously imbibed more than her fair share of bathtub gin or whatever they’re really drinking there. Notice the glowing red cheeks, visible even in this black and white photo…. This one was a MINE of good little nuggets, wasn’t it? Kudos on finding it and hoisting it aloft for our general amusement!

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    • Sandra is a comedienne who was popular in the 80s and 90s. She has a somewhat aggressive personality, so I wouldn’t put it past her to shove her face into photos taken before she was born… 😉


  2. I, like leggypeggy, above, was also taken with the centre-piece of the seated trio. ‘Miss Glum Glass Half-Empty, jammed between Mr Sad Hatter and Madam Foxy Fur-Stole looks like she’s literally getting a liberal dousing of Foxy’s sloppily offered ‘heres mud in yer eye!’ (Wonder how many of this smiling crew will be so cheery in the morning?’)

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