Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #187

Basil: “Halt. Before you proceed, you must answer an important question. Is that Jheri-Curl in your hair?”

Tyrone: “Of course not. It hasn’t been invented yet. More importantly, is that a tornado tattoo where you sideburn should be? Have you joined a street gang recently?”

Basil: “Heavens, no.  We’re decades away from the mystifying development wherein poorly-raised young men seek validation via pointless group violence. The twister on my cheekbone is a lackluster attempt by the makeup department to make me look swarthy and menacing.”

Tyrone: “Menacing? You have a delicate cameo on your prissy collar. The Village People will be far more successful with the Macho Man concept than you can ever hope to be.”

Basil: “So says the poof with the frilly bridesmaid outfit. I don’t think it’s possible for you to wear a more feminine outfit. And I notice that you also have a fake twister sideburn. But mine is much bigger than yours.”

Tallulah Bankhead, wondering in from nowhere: “Okay, girls. You two need to either bang each other or bang me. Nobody has time for this innuendo in the script. Just work it out. Does the Green Room have an unstained couch that we can use?” 

Note: This is part of an on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. Basil: Fie fiend! En guarde! (or however it’s spelt in French). How dare you try cloning me! We look awfully alike, you must admit!
    Tyrone: Oh please! I’m far younger than you, and my nose isn’t a hazard to women everywhere when I swoop in for a kiss!
    Basil: I’d never have guessed, what with the over abundance of frilly top wear, and that cape? Where did you get it? It’s simple to die for!
    Tyrone: I’m guessing you don’t swoop in on women for kisses..say! Can I interest you in a soupcon of champagne? I’ve got it chilling in the Green Room. Quick! I spy Tallulah heading this way and she’d only drink the bottle dry!

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  2. No no… send Tallulah away. Whose turn is it bang her? Anyone know? Well find someone!
    I like where this scene between Basil and Tyrone is going. It’s obvious that they are smoldering for each other. A few more witty touchés and they’ll be tangling those ridiculously thin mustaches together.

    Gonna stop there!🤐 Not gonna talk about sword fighting 🙊

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