Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #192

Bob: “There’s this new thing they’re inventing, it’s called television. I think you should give it a try.”

Lucille: “Gee, I don’t know. You think I’d be any good at it?”

Note: This is part of an on-going experiment at Bonnywood. Details found here.

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  1. Lucille (R.I.P) – Say! You ever consider becoming a ski instructor? With a nose like that, you’d be a natural I bet!
    Bob (R.I.P. too) – I wouldn’t be taking pot-shots at my regal honker if I were you, Miss “Clairol Didn’t Keep It A Secret” Bottle Redhead!
    Lucille: You might regret that remark when I become head of one of the largest entertainment corporations going!
    Bob: Well I can’t help it if you RESEMBLE that remark, now can I?
    Lucille: DESI!!! This man’s picking on me. WAAHHHHHHH

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      • I’ve always identified with men (and women) who had unusual schnozzes of an incredible size or which bent the wrong way… O_o Because I bear some long healed scars from being labeled such as a wee tot. Who here remembers Jimmy Durante? I bore the ‘shame’ of being taunted about being his long-lost daughter. Oh the humanity! 🤣

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  2. Bob: Where is he?
    Lucille: Who?
    Bob: Your lover.
    Lucille: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Bob: Why else would you be so dressed up on a Sunday night that’s usually spent languishing with a bottle of wine and counting your woes out loud? The languishing and counting are precisely the reason I have been to dressing up and going out for pretend-meetings. And now I find you with enough mascara that your eyelashes might as well be glued together, and wearing what appears to be some sort of fishnet thrown over your dress and serving no real purpose other than making some woke designer richer.
    Lucille: I realise self-love is not trending just yet, but can’t a woman look good for herself? And talking of lovers, I promise I don’t have a lover, and he’s certainly not hiding under the bed.
    Bob: Well, that’s oddly specific.
    Lucille: …

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  3. Lucille ‘Jeez Bob, don’t be such a grumpy old clown- if you want you can pop some of the bubble-wrap bedspread too.’
    Bob; ‘If I live to be 100 I’ll never get why this loud mouthed broad has such broad appeal.’

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