We Done Got Back from Them Thar Hills, We Did

Howdy, folks.

How y’all doin’?

Good to hear. Listen, me and the mister finally made our way out of the high-ass elevation of Pecos, New Mexico and down to the flat-ass no elevation of Dallas, Texas, rumbling into Bonnywood Manor all dusty and cranky. (Ain’t nuthin’ gonna test your patience like 12 hours in a van with the same annoying people the whole time, no sir.) We dragged all our crap outta the van and into the Manor, gettin’ things all settled and such, then I fixed me a stiff drink (12 hours!) and finally opened my bloggin’ laptop that ain’t been touched fer more n a week.

I kicked off my email thingy, and that mess burbled and percolated and dicked around for much more than it shoulda, so I knew somethin’ wasn’t right. Took forever, but then somethin’ figured somethin’ out and the thing finally opened, but it wasn’t happy about it, all sluggish like. Then I saw why.

I had me 33 hunnert emails in my inbox, most of it from WordPress. What in gay hell?

Shoot. It’s gonna take me a month a Sundays to catch up on that mess. Which means I ain’t gonna be writin’ any new stories for this here blog for a few days. Or a year, who knows. But I cain’t be leavin’ y’all without somethin’ to read, so I’m gonna be doin’ some more a that filler stuff so’s y’all can be entertained and whatnot whilst I whittle at the email and the catchin’ up on them comments and whatnot. So, this here post is the first of the filler.

It’s a video that Partner’s brother done sent us a bit back. I think it’s a hoot, but that’s for you to judge. It starts out a little slow, especially for me cuz I got that short-attention span and all, but stick with it. Afore long, I was bustin’ a gut and havin’ me a good ole time watchin’ it. Gotta warn ya, though. It’s got some of that adult language that ain’t for delicate ears. If you ain’t keen on cussin’ and talkin’ ‘bout bumpin’ uglies of all kinds, you might wanna just skip this one and go do somethin’ else with your time. Ain’t no judgement here, live your life like you wanna live it and don’t regret nuthin’.

Anyway, I’m gonna go bang on that email mess for a while. See ya soon.

Note: That there openin’ photo is somethin’ I took up near a place called Jack’s Creek, north a Pecos. It ain’t nuthin’ special, but I like the idear of old paths that you don’t know where they lead. I’m always one to take such, cuz I like discoveries. You?

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    • I’m that person who will turn down a street that I’ve never been on, just to see where it goes and what I can find. Life is too short to stay on the same road.

      Poor Itchy Sally. She just wants to be happy, but sometimes that takes a lot more work than should be necessary…

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  1. Welcome back! I would love to hear “the voices” narrate as you work thru your 3300 emails. Oh to be part of the popular crowd! Of course, if anybody heard my voices I would never be able to leave the house ever again.

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  2. It’s what in “gay tarnation.” I can see you spinning your best Yosemite Sam imitation.

    I’m headed to Hollywood Beach Florida on the red eye through Dallas 1-7 October. Figurin all y’all ain’t gon be back by then, tumped the idea that I might cut up my homeward bound flight and have dinner with y’all. Iffin y’all ull be back, I’m happy to do such vittlizing with you.

    Let me know. 408-444-3505 text messages are the better way of god for me. I’ll be sharin pic- chures and I’m only un afraid of stoppin in the control my uterus capital of the first second n turgid worlds because I’m past child- bearin age by a while due to breast cancer female medical castration (yup that’s whut it’s called) and I’m moderately more worried that I’ll take up the first picket line and start doing a conga with sisters and brothers who feel like it’s our right to choose if we get raped by our uncles to decide our fates.

    One giant step back for human kind. But I’d still stay for dinner witcha.

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    • Sadly, we’re in flux from now through mid-October, ranging far and wide from Bonnywood for a bit, which saddens me greatly now that I know your lovely soul will be gracing this wretched outback of a state. But keep trying, and eventually we will have those vittles along with the all-night conversation about EVERYTHING that I’m yearning to have with you…

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