Communique from Cómpeta – #11

Bjorn, left: “Well, I hear that those wretched Americans are coming down out of the hills of Cómpeta and headed to Malaga.”

Torvik, right: “Those words make me weep with inconsolable abandon. Why must they torture us so?”

Bjorn: “Now, now. We have to give the poor things a bit of solace, coming as they do from the Land of the Incredibly Inept Trump Waffle.”

Torvik: “Ah, there is that. Perhaps we can show them a bit of the compassion that the dried-out waffle is simply unable to process. They must be suffering immense amounts of shame.”

Bjorn: “Exactly. We should welcome them with open wings”

Torvik: “Still, Americans can be incredibly loud and obnoxious. Why must they always make such a fuss about things? Why can’t they bother to learn a language other than their own, expecting us to understand when they grunt and point? We Europeans know at least three languages by the time we can flush the toilet.”

Bjorn: “Be patient, mi hermano. They are a young country and they are still teething. Perhaps someday they will stop eating rotten waffles. In the meanwhile, they come bearing copious amounts of discretionary income.”

Torvik: “Ah, yes, I tend to forget that angle. I say bring on the cash infusion so we can get this European Union mess sorted.”

Bjorn: “And it shall be brung. Now, fly over there and pose for that American tourist. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t have to tip you.”

Previous Note, circa June, 2018: Greetings from Cómpeta and Malaga, Spain. More to follow, possibly. We are mere hours away from the end of our journey, but I plan to put up a very good fight…

New Note, circa now: I was missing Spain today, so I spent some time piddling around amongst my Cómpeta posts, reflecting, and I decided to yank this one out of the archives for another go, just because. We haven’t been to Spain for over two years, and I miss it so, as well as our beloved traveling companions, Raz y Rosanna. Damn this Covid mess and the mask-less, vax-less idiots who are extending the nightmare for everyone for purely political reasons.

That aside, have a terrific day. And when we can finally travel freely again? Get your ass on a plane, if you can, and let’s explore the hell out of this planet. We’ve learned a lot from Covid, and one thing is clear: Seize the opportunities when they arise. We may not get a second chance. Cheers.

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  1. Feeling a bit reflective today? I agree that the politically motivated morons are ruining good times for everyone else. But I would also remember that most of those non-vaxxer idiots and the rude t*rds that refuse to mask up and sidle up close to a person uninvited, have a brain problem. They lack one. I do believe that the scientific community might prove that one day for reals. Frightening isn’t it? Cheers and here’s a big fall glass of apple cider for me and Hard Mike’s Cider for you! ❤

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    • Yes, feeling a bit reflective, but in a good way. I know that eventually things will return, as much as they can, to “normal”. But if the huge mass of idiots in this country doesn’t start diminishing, my new normal might be lived out somewhere else… 😉


  2. I really need to get myself a passport🤦🏼‍♀️ I can’t get on a plane even to Texas right now cuz I didn’t want to deal with taking my documents to DMV Hell to get the special “allowed to fly” version of my driver’s license.

    When I run away from home, I’m thinking that after a few North American places I want to visit, I might should take my tour on a European leg as well. I’ve only left North America once, and that was to Hawaii, so it doesn’t really count.

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    • I guess I didn’t realize they were adding “allowed to fly” on driver’s licenses in California. I’m all for whatever measures it takes to get people to do the right thing, but that seems a bit extreme. They can’t just issues certificates that you can toss aside when they are no longer needed? Hmm.

      But yes, you WILL be doing a European leg. After all, we’ll have those matching villas in Southern Spain, yes?

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  3. Torvik: And don’t forget to fly down and violently snatch whatever morsel of food is in their hand. Those stupid Americans will post those videos everywhere, people will be afraid, they’ll cancel their trips, hide their children and all will be right in our world again.

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