Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #470

Him: “So, it’s happening again, is it?”

Her: “I’m afraid so. It’s Christmas time in the city.”

Him: “Silver bells and snowy WordPress themes?”

Her: “Ring-a-ling and hear them ping.”

Him: “You know, when I was a wee lad, I really enjoyed Christmas. So much wonder and hope.”

Her: “Oh, me too. It was the best. I was so excited about everything.”

Him: “I wonder what changed.”

Her: “Well, there’s that whole mess about Big Business extorting the hell out of all of us by trying to convince everyone that we are not worthy unless we spend a fortune on the presents that we buy.”

Him: “Exactly, and then there are the fools who believe that love is somehow based on a price tag.”

Her: “And the way people behave in the stores? Knocking each other about and clawing to save two dollars on something that nobody will even care about in two months?”

Him: “It’s ridiculous. How did we get so far away from the true meaning of Christmas?”

Her: “Because too many people are too willing to let someone else tell them what’s important. It’s not what’s under the tree. It’s who is around the tree. That’s the gift. Being with the family that you define as family. There’s no DNA at Christmas. Nothing shines brighter than looking around the room and seeing the ones you love smiling back at you.”

Him: “But what about the people who can’t be with you even though they really want to be?”

Her: “Oh, they’re here. They never leave.”

Him: “You know, I’m feeling inspired. Should we get out some of the ornaments and decorate the tree I brought home?

Her: “That’s a tree? I thought it was your Aunt Bridget.”

Him: “They do wear the same perfume, so I can understand the confusion.”

Her: “You’re right, though. We should do the all the ornaments this year and try to get back to enjoying the simpler things. But let’s watch the latest episode of ‘Survivor’ first, because we can’t just go cold turkey if we try to quit scripted reality. Baby steps.”

Previously published, tiny changes made. Note the curious design of the bench upon which Her perches. What’s going on there? (Did the blocky design of the support bar inspire the future designers of Minecraft?) Why is she forced to sit on a tush-taxing bench whilst He is lounging in a comfortable chair? And I just noticed that parts of her seem to be fading away. Clearly, this entire story deserves a rewrite. But until then, the following quick addendum will have to do…

A few minutes later…

Her: “Darling?”

Him: “Yes, dear.”

Her: “Are you seriously diddling with your PlayStation whilst we are having a conversation about getting back to a simpler life? I can see the controller and the cord from here.”

Him: “Good point. I’ll finish up real quick. I just need to kill three more zombies at the shopping mall and I’ll win the Golden Rod of Power.”

Her: “Oh? Well then, by all means, please continue. I’ve always thought your rod could use an upgrade.”

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    • I’m not sure what the gadget is, either. It’s hard to tell the exact time-period of this photo (I’ve been unable to source a date), as the style of the radio in the background appears pre-TV, but Him’s suit seems late 40s, possibly later, so TV was around. Maybe it’s actually a control for Christmas lights that we can’t see? Who knows.

      But yes, that tree is rather pathetic…

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    • It’s certainly all about guilt and superficiality with lots of folks, sure. Luckily, with my side of the family, we no longer gift among the adults. Just get a little something for any kiddos and call it good…

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  1. Why, bless me soul! Those are the very folks from “American Gothic’ aren’t they? Least he let her sit down a spell, even if he took the ‘good’ chair. I suspect that she is grateful to get off her feet for a while, given that the type of shoes she is wearing have words like “Sturdy” and “Long Wearing” attached to them; as the unseen sub-text of “F-Ugly” and “Little Torture Devices Made Especially For Women” lurks in the background. Privately I’ve always thought that the man pictured in “American Gothic” could use a bit of an upgrade too. It’s not really a wonder that neither of them have smiled since Dewey lost the election.. 😉

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    • We think so much alike. I really wanted to riff on the Torture Shoes, but I couldn’t come up with anything clever that fit the storyline. I can still remember some of the more ancient women-folk in my family still wearing those horrid contraptions when I was a child. Maybe it was some form of Baptist continual penance?

      You also nailed it with the “American Gothic” reference. That couple and this one are just very sad people. I hope they didn’t raise any children, because it certainly couldn’t have been a very comforting home environment…


  2. The bench looks more like a table to me, and yeah, I noticed that Her is rather transparent… and you can see through her too😉😂😂
    Maybe she’s the ghost of Winter Holiday Blessings or something equally Hallmarky but nonetheless true.🤷🏼‍♀️

    Will there be a “Village” showing this year?? Or at least a “simple guide for lazy folks” to find their way back to previous showings?

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    • Oh, The Village. Well, you know how close that whole adventure is to my heart. Sadly, we won’t be doing the full blowout, or even a small dustup, this year. Partner is still working from home (wretched Covid, doncha know) and his “office” is in the room where I usually do my thing. I can’t be banging around in there whilst he’s on important calls and such. (Not blaming him, as I fully understand. He has to do what he has to do.) Fingers are crossed for next year.

      Here’s a link to one of the posts in the original “Village of the Damned” series. This one contains some of the best shots of The Doings during one of the best years of village design.(If you want to read said series from the beginning, there’s a link at the top of the post.):

      The Village of the Damned – Part 6

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  3. Between the shoes, the bench, that poor cousin to the Charlie Brown tree and the ‘back to the future’ disappearing scene I’m not sure what to comment on first, last.or at all. The others seem to have covered it all quite well.

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