Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #483

Cary: “There we go. Don’t you feel much better now that I’ve dried your hair?”

Rita: “Actually, yes. Your fingers are manly but gentle, and you certainly know how to soak up moisture that doesn’t belong to you. But I do have one question.”

Cary: “Ask away, and then we’ll get you set up for a lovely seaweed wrap.”

Rita: “Who are you and how did you get into my house?”

Cary: “Oh, that. Well, I was flying over your property, headed toward my summer home in the Hamptons, when I happened to glance down and noticed that you couldn’t decide which towel would better accent your hair as you stepped out of the shower. I thought perhaps you could use some help.”

Rita: “So you’re a pilot and you have at least two houses?”

Cary: “Four, actually. But if my being here troubles you…”

Rita: “No further questions, your Honor. Now, let’s go find that seaweed you mentioned. It’s been too long since I was properly wrapped.”

Cary: “As a gentleman, it’s only right that I help fix your wrongs. Should we take my plane or yours?”

Rita: “I think you know the answer. Especially since I don’t have a fuselage and you do. And according to the size of the blip on my posterior radar, it’s a rather admirable fuselage.”

Cary: “I have won a few awards from certain satisfied Air Traffic Controllers. But I must caution you that the craft I’m flying today is only a one-seater. It might be a tight fit.”

Rita: “I think we can work things out. And then work things out.”

Cary: “Splendid. Thank you for choosing to fly Cary Airways.”

Rita: “The pleasure is all mine.”

Cary: “I hope not. The best way to land a plane is when both wheels hit the runway at the same time.”

Previously published on “Crusty Pie”, revised and extended for this share at Bonnywood. Isn’t it fun taking otherwise innocent phrases and giving them a tinge of naughtiness? Not that I was doing that here, of course. Just an observation. Cheers.

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    • I’m always scouring the Internet for interesting vintage photos. I can’t really define what I’m looking for, but I know it when I see it.

      And yes, this photo is from “Only Angels Have Wings”. It’s a fairly good movie, the kind you watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon when you don’t really feel like doing anything else and you take up residence on the couch with a bowl of snacks and the remote control for the TV…


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