Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #229

The members of the Dumbass Gang should have known that the bank robbery was not going to work out in their favor when they hired Ernie the Milkman as their getaway driver… 

Note: This is Exhibit #3 in Bonnywood’s March Madness. Details found here.

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    • You’re implying that there was some degree of actual planning for this ill-advised escapade. I think the rusty milk jugs speak otherwise. Then again, the same could be spoken about me… 😉


    • Let’s add to your confusion, because it seems like fun: When you read the whole line on the cart, “2516 St. Bernard”, it sounds like an address in New Orleans (which is where this photo was taken, presumably before Bourbon Street became a tourist trap). So, I googled the address, and yep, it’s real. (In the 7th District and not the French Quarter, which diminishes some of the cache, but still.) That location is now an establishment called the “Buttermilk Drop Bakery”. That name sounds very suspicious to me, so we’ll have to assume that the employees are still in engaged in illicit activities… 😉

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