Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #540

This is what therapists call “the money shot”, when the narcissism becomes so overwhelming that dinner is delayed whilst Vida Loca tap-dances where the Boeuf Bourguignon should be. Said therapists then race to clear their appointment schedules, because Vida will soon be knocking on one of their doors, completely flummoxed that not everyone loves her as much as she does. This is the sad reality we face after the invention of social media… 

Note: This is Exhibit #8 in Bonnywood’s March Madness. Details found here.

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  1. Imelda Marcos- peering snootily down her nose and her staircase- doesn’t approve of someone else’s shoes tap-tap-tapping all over her dining room table. She must be royally pissed off, party balloons or not.

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    • Once again, you hit it just right. As I was prepping this post, I noticed that woman on the stairs, as well as the incongruity of those stairs being there in the first place, considering how they don’t seem to fit, spatially, with the rest of the set design. My writing instinct instantly yearned for me to flesh out a story concerning Imelda’s staunch dissatisfactions, but then I remembered that my goal was to surface these neglected Past Imperfects as is, with no intervention. So, I shed a tear of deprivation, opened another beer, and shared the damn post without embellishment.

      But Imelda is now in my brain, and her story WILL be told. Someday…

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  2. To be fair, I do absolutely admire all these influencers capable of posing for pictures with their limbs at all kinds of angles in the air. Apparently many of them take those on their own in front of tripods in public spaces. Whereas here I am, trying to take a selfie after ensuring that approximately 63% of my face is covered by hair and/or shadow and limbs tucked away under the sheets forever.

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    • I hear you, I definitely do. I have never been able to appear somewhat human in photos, long before social media changed our lives in all the wrong ways. Selfies and group photos are NOT in my wheelhouse and I simply can’t do it. If someone whips out their phone and opens up the camera app, I’m on my way to a neighboring country before they can even point that dang thing in my direction…

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