Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #361

Mae and Jimmy, rehearsing the infamous grapefruit scene.

Mae: “I don’t know about this. It sounds kind of violent.”

Jimmy: “Don’t worry about it, doll. I’m just gonna barely tap you with it. Just like this.”

Mae: “But what about that other movie where you dragged me by my hair? You said that wouldn’t hurt but I had a migraine for three months and I had to wear a wig.”

Jimmy: “That’s ancient history. You won’t feel a thing, swear. Trust me. Just a little love tap.”

Mae: “Okay, let’s do it.”

The reality:

Moral of the story? Short men with angry hair are liars.

Note: This is Exhibit #22 in Bonnywood’s March Madness. Details found here.

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    • Jimmy clearly had some anger management issues, which was a focal point of the defamation lawsuit filed by the grapefruit’s lawyer shortly after this scene wrapped. As is often the case with litigation in this country, the actual trial is still pending…

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