Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #538

It was at this precise moment when a young Ronald Reagan began confusing “starlets who will desperately do anything to catch the eye of a casting agent” with “everybody loves me and I should run for President!” Sadly, this disconnect with reality has since become the hallmark of the Republican Party after his election in 1980. Trickle-down economics, indeed…

Note 1: This is Exhibit #23 in Bonnywood’s March Madness. Details found here.

Note 2: I’m not sure why I didn’t notice such in my first analysis of this photo, but the tableau presented by Starlets #5 and #6 on the right of the lineup is rather intriguing. If you’re fumbling for a witty suggestion on where to take this story, I’d start right there…

Note 3: I no longer recall where I found this photo, but the title of the image (not mine, it just came with the download) is “Playing with large balls with unidentified busty ladies”. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the current American political system, I don’t know what does. Cheers. 

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  1. Oh, Brian, dear boy,
    I have wondered for most of my thankfully lengthy life whatever possessed Ronald Reagan, the unheralded B movie actor, to possibly think he could be President.
    Now I know.
    Jesus Cristus, we are all trickling down as a result.

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  2. There’s a line from Back to the Future that I’ve never forgotten that goes something like, “of course the president needs to be an actor; he has to look good on television.” Just looking good doesn’t say much, especially when you’re taking your brain out and dropping it in a glass of water next to the bed before you go to sleep.

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    • Of course, that’s assuming that there was even a brain involved in the first place. Some of those water glasses don’t have anything to put in them…

      But the “Back to the Future” line is on target for this country. Image wins over substance far too often, and there are a lot of empty glasses…

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    • I’m going to assume that said starlet was much more interested in independent films rather than mainstream Hollywood productions, so she chose not to listen to the choreographer for this scene… 😉


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