Communique from Cómpeta – #22

Our journeys are filled with chances

Doorways to not now

Some taken, some ignored, some slammed

Some never noticed

Until the clarity of time reveals the miss

Is it fair, at this point, any point

To wonder about the branches

Ponder the paths pursued and passed

What slipped away on a random day

Swirling into the never will be

What music did we miss

Golden in the beckoning, notes resonant, words pure

Filling in the missing pieces

Of the harmonies

Our spirits yearned to sing

What lover’s name will we never call

The one with all the right answers

To all the murky questions

That we never quite managed

To ask even of ourselves

What vocation inclination eluded our grasp

Instead of the clank and grind we settled for

Grudgingly, perhaps desperately

What would we have done

If we could do anything

What lands would we have discovered

After others but before most

A place where the sun shines like memory

And the food tastes of already tasted

And we know our souls have been here before

Will we ever find solace, wondering about the uncreaked doors

Justifying the measures and the choices and the results

Is it possible to take our dream stick

And stir up the Sea of Then-and-Now

Until the waves change from gray to blue

Or do we toss aside the seeds that never grew

And enjoy the flowers that did bloom, however imperfect

Discolored, but ours, and therefore beautiful

Tending our garden, tending ourselves

And squeezing the juice out of tender fruit

Do we take the chances

To learn new dances

Or do we dance as we have always done

To the music only we can hear

Until our feet find their way once again

Previously published, no changes made. Photo taken in one of the many gardens of the Palacio de Generalife, the “summer palace” at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

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    • Agreed. When viewed from afar, there is a variation of perspective, however fleeting. I scribbled this one the day we had toured The Alhambra, sitting on a sunny patio at a rented villa in a tiny town whilst my compadres splashed about in a nearby pool…

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    • Thank you! I’ve been struggling with some of these very questions lately, so as I was messing around in the archives last night and stumbled across this one, well, my next post was quickly decided. If only I had pondered these thoughts when I was twenty and still had plenty of time to make better plans…

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  1. Wow, this really hit me with all of the feels this morning, brought back a whole range of emotions and some of my parents’ life advice (stolen from others so I can’t give proper credit) immediately popped into my mind. Gems such as “Life is short, buy the shoes” & “Bad decisions make the best stories!” All of this has convinced me to go back to bed and start over tomorrow. Im not crying, you’re crying 😭

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    • I have to admit, I also got the feels when I found this one in my archives folder. Partly because of what it says, but also partly because of the way re-reading this took me directly back to the exquisite afternoon when I wrote it. We were in southern Spain, which I love, with my partner and two terrific friends, whom I love. They were entertaining themselves in the nearby pool whilst I was writing (which I obviously love doing), Partner was playing a mix tape of throwback songs that we all love, and the sunlight was perfectly golden. It was a wonderful day. But then I started thinking about other wonderful days that could have been, and I opened a fresh Word document…

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  2. Beautifully composed, Brian, and certainly nails where I am right now, a little more than one year away from retirement. I’ve come to terms with the longings and age has brought a recognition and acceptance of my own drawbacks, some I’ve been able to overcome, others have finally been given a place at the table. Cheers and thanks for sharing not only this piece, but all the others, bits of yourself. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Lynette. I’m lucky in that, at least from a writing perspective, I stopped worrying about what others might think of my words. This might sound a bit callous, but I only say that because “not worrying” gives you a freedom to actually be yourself. Once you reach that point, your writing will inevitably become more human, more relatable, because you’re sharing truth. And we need SO much more of that, these days.

      As for this particular piece, I’m still working on that “acceptance” angle. I still have my blue days when I regret all the “if I only had done things differently” moments in my life. But we’re at the point where things have become rather finite, with limited options and limited time. I must learn to be happy with how I played the game, because most of my moves cannot be changed. And the essence of this paragraph is what led to the poem above, scribbled on a patio in southern Spain…

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  3. I love this, Brian!
    Let’s tend the flowers we have, dance how we know to dance, then keep trying new steps and perhaps finding that seeds long ago cast away, have bloomed into a yet undiscovered garden waiting for us.


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    • I must admit I’m very happy to see

      The acknowledgement of my poetry

      Your words are rhyming and kind

      But the imp that dwells in my mind

      Feels compelled to point a finger

      At the many past posts that linger

      In the archives slumbering on the right

      Where if you click, you just might

      Find that many poems have been sprinked

      In the thousands of words I have inked

      Perhaps you might choose to explore

      And then knock again upon my door

      P.S. Ignore any “mean girl” vibe you might be getting from the above. I was just having fun and being silly. You know how working with words can easily lead one astray, especially when you’re trying to rhyme the damn things… 😉

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