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Communique from Cómpeta – #15

Reporter: “Excuse me, but I’m looking for Brian of Bonnywood.” Jean: “Oh. Well, you won’t find him here.” Reporter: “But my sources tell me that Brian is staying at this villa while he’s in Spain. Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?” Jean: “Honey, we all make wrong […]

Communique from Cómpeta – #14

Pablo de Pato stepped out of his mountainside enclave and gasped. Far down the slope, in the Villa at the edge of his kingdom, he could detect movement. People movement. How could this be? After the Great Insurrection of 2018, wherein Pablo’s warriors had soundly trounced the invading […]

Communique from Cómpeta – #13

Well, weren’t quite in Cómpeta at the time of this photo. We were at the airport in Malaga. Due to mildly-complicated traveling arrangements, it was necessary that Partner and I loiter on the premises for six hours until our cohorts in crime arrived from England. We innocently thought […]