The 12 Shots of Christmas

    Editor’s Note: This is a refurbished older post, a cautionary tale of what can happen when you mix the gift-exchange process with excessive amounts of alcohol. The references are a wee bit dated, but the underlying moral is the same: Don’t drink and unwrap. Unless everybody […]

Writer to Writer: Let’s Do The Time Warp

  Here’s a scenario that makes me crazy:  You’re sitting around chatting with a non-writer friend, having brunch or guzzling margaritas, whatever you might do with your friends, and your lovely little companion mentions an intriguing event coming up this weekend. Perhaps a museum exhibit involving artifacts from […]

The Streak, Part II

  Note: Click here to read the first part of this story.   Sharon paused in the midst of comforting me as I lay sprawled on the skating rink floor, not quite certain that she had heard me correctly. “The naked man? What naked man?” Just then , […]