The Corona Chronology: Day 8

After far too many days of enforced and boring seclusion, Irene was desperate for entertainment. In a moment of weakness and low-expectations, she decided it would be terrific fun to hide the family cat in a place where no one expected the cat to be, and then wait […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 7

Proving that neither he nor his administration has the tiniest grasp on the severity of the situation, Trump once again holds his daily status update/political rally concerning the corona virus, with nobody on the stage practicing social-distancing, whatsoever. One of the topics in said daily attempts to praise […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 6

Note: The following is an alternate take on the action in the previous post. And yes, this one is twisted. Things happen when you can’t leave the house…   Saffrogette, left: “And then you bounce the ball like this and you try to grab the jacks before it […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 5

Babs, left: “Darling, you know we can’t get too frisky. It wouldn’t do, what with the children right in the next room.” Hank, right: “Damn those little urchins.” Babs: “Such language!” Hank: “Sorry, dear. It’s just that a man has needs that must be met or things get […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 4

As dawn broke, so did the news that the bumbling Trump Administration had finally located the supposed national stockpile of ventilators that are so desperately needed during the current crisis. Turns out, the technology of the stockpile was a bit dated. That being the case, one of the […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 3

Reporter, offscreen: “Kirk, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” Kirk Douglas: “That’s your job, isn’t it? I don’t have time for people who don’t know what they’re doing. Which is why I’m not a fan of the Trump Administration.” Reporter: “Okay, great, let’s get […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 2

Later that night, as Ernie swept up the millions of buy/sell vouchers, discarded on the floor of the Stock Exchange by arrogant portfolio managers who took no responsibility for anything, he suddenly had an idea about how to resolve the panic-inspired shortage of toilet paper in the country… […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 1

As news broke that the city was being placed on lock-down because people breathe too much in public places, some folks did not quite understand the full impact of the directive. As shown in this photo taken at the Wankerbonker Club for Extremely White People, the seriousness of […]