Past Imperfect – #252

Sally: “Isn’t this the best diet ever?” Millie: “The best! You are so smart to think of it. Am I doing it right?” Sally: “Yes, just hold the burger in front of your mouth but DON’T take a bite.” Millie: “Okay, got it. Say, I really like what […]

Past Imperfect – #250

The young men bravely decided to express their love to the rest of the township, bracing for considerable outrage. And there was, mostly from people who couldn’t understand why the hell the boys couldn’t put some damn shoes on and take a proper photograph…    

Past Imperfect – #249

Marina felt very sophisticated in her new party dress, and she imagined what it would be like to attend one of those glamorous dinner parties in New York City. She would be the belle of the ball and let all of the men light her cigarettes and drink […]

Past Imperfect – #223

Meanwhile, at their latest convention, Tea Party members performed a one-act play concerning their thoughts on the Rights of Women. It should come as no surprise that this plank in their platform is as rusty and outdated as Henry the VIII’s codpiece. Still, this live-action shot does provide […]

Past Imperfect – #163

Director: “It’s really not necessary for you to lift your arms like that in this scene.” Lupe: “You don’t understand. I can’t help it. They’ve put so much mascara on me that every time I blink my eyes the shock waves bouncing back from the floor are creating […]

Past Imperfect – #148

Melissa truly did love her husband, and she found him rather enticing most of the time. But when his hobby fixations became overwhelming, such as this instance when he insisted that she pose on a vehicle that may or may not have been driven by John Dillinger, in […]