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Past Imperfect – #157

Although many believe the “Bathing Beauties” competitions at Coney Island during the early 1900s were the forerunners of the Miss America pageant, they were actually part of a scientific study of human failure. In this test scenario, the objective was to determine how long it took before the […]

Past Imperfect – #252

Sally: “Isn’t this the best diet ever?” Millie: “The best! You are so smart to think of it. Am I doing it right?” Sally: “Yes, just hold the burger in front of your mouth but DON’T take a bite.” Millie: “Okay, got it. Say, I really like what […]

Past Imperfect – #153

Him: “Today’s outing has been rather enjoyable, my dear, don’t you think?” Her: “It was interesting, I’ll say that much.” Him: “You didn’t enjoy it? You didn’t like the feeling of swimming in the ocean? We’ve never done that before.” Her: “And I still don’t know what it […]