Tag: Childhood

Past Imperfect – #589

Clarissa, left: “Why, yes, Mother. I am feeling a little blue. However did you know?” Mother, always right: “Partly because I gave birth to you and I can sense your erratic mood swings. But mostly because I could hear you from the other room, sighing with the increasing […]

Mirrors and Memories

And so it was As I pondered tonight What should I post What should I write   Many folks are busy With kith and with kin Anything I scribble Will hit the dust bin   Unseen and forlorn Lost in the fray Of folks celebrating The spirit of […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 6

Note: The following is an alternate take on the action in the previous post. And yes, this one is twisted. Things happen when you can’t leave the house…   Saffrogette, left: “And then you bounce the ball like this and you try to grab the jacks before it […]