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The Corona Chronology: Day 10

Dear Diary, I’m almost ashamed to recount the following, which is a rather ridiculous conception, considering the many shocking exploits I’ve shared with you over the years. (Note to Self: Burn this thing should you suddenly develop a dry cough and a high fever. Some of these passages […]

The Corona Chronology: Day 9

According to the latest press release from The Swinging Shagsters of Sussex recreational sex club, there have been a number of changes to membership and participation due to the outbreak of the corona virus. Any member who has tested positive for the virus or is behind in their […]

50 Classic Redneck Movies

It’s amazing how messing with just a word or two in a title can totally change your marketing demographic…   1. “The Combine Strikes Back” 2. “Lawrence of Alabama” 3. “The Sound of Mooing” 4. “A Streetcar Named Bessie Mae” 5. “From Here to That Tree over Yonder” […]

Past Imperfect – #539

Gary Cooper, left: “I’d really prefer it if you would stop clutching me in such a manner.” Jean Arthur, center: “But darling, just because I’ve been convicted of manslaughter and you’ve filed for divorce doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends.” Gary: “We might have to disagree on […]

Past Imperfect – #404

Deep in the Boeing archives, documentary footage exists indicating that perhaps the first engineers at the company did not quite grasp how to put a plane in the air. Some might argue that they still don’t. In unrelated news, Miss Esther Whippersnapper of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma won the […]