Tag: Dreams

Scotch on the Rocks

A shocking example of climate change, through the eyes of a feline… Hi, People with two legs! It’s me, Scotch the cat. I’m on Daddy’s toplap again, the thing I’m not supposed to be on, like the kitchen table and stuff that can break, but I don’t think […]

Past Imperfect – #284

Deep in thought, Buster contemplated the complexity of his existence. Why does the sofa behind me seem oddly placed? What are those tassels all about? Does something extraordinary happen when you pull them? Where are all the other guests? Did I miss an important signal from the host? […]

Light in a Jar

Note: After reading a delightful piece that Margo posted on “That Little Voice” (you should be following her if you aren’t, as she’s pretty swell), I got a bit nostalgic with my comment…   The memories spilled in on this one, Margo, especially the summertime flashbacks. My parents […]