Tag: Fashion

Past Imperfect – #36

After 7 daughters in a row, Mrs. Delganzo decided that her next child would at least LOOK like a boy, damn it all. Mrs. Delganzo and Bobbie were soon in therapy, with “The Stupid Hat” becoming a focal point of the discussions…  

Past Imperfect – #293

Left to right, Model #1: “Damn those prop people backstage. They gave me the one handbag that had an unpaid bill hanging out of it. Just my luck. Hopefully, the annoying print on my dress will draw the focus. And this hairdo. What’s up with that afro-puff on […]

Past Imperfect – #101

Guy on the Left: “I don’t know about these clothes. The guy at the store made it seem like it was all the rage and we couldn’t get our business off the ground unless we dressed like we meant it. But I wonder what it makes us look […]

Past Imperfect – #147

Lady in the Center: “Why, yes, I am wearing a dress fashioned out of a 13th-century French tapestry, thank you for noticing. This particular tapestry was found in an abandoned royal castle, where apparently Queen Veronique the Something or Other was stabbed to death whilst hiding behind it. […]

Past Imperfect – #150

Lady on the Left: “Girl, what’s up with that humongous thing on your head and the Bible nestled in your safety-dance zone? I was pretty proud of my Napoleon-tribute hat-wear until you came along.” Lady on the Right: “If you must know, I’m just trying to be closer […]