Tag: Flash Fiction

The Day of the Dread

Click here to read this story from the beginning…   Tupper Ware hit a button on her phone and slipped it into one of her designer, gin-scented pockets, then turned to her friend, Plexi Glass, and her lover, Tinted Glass. “Okay, here’s the deal. Apparently, the only way […]

The Hexorcist

Click here to read this story from the beginning…   Plexi Glass and Tupper Ware were in the cobwebby basement of Plexi’s massive abode, standing in front of the gated wine cellar wherein Plexi’s undead husband was being held against his undead will. Tinted Glass, the Lazarus-esque husband, […]

Almost Wordless Wednesday – #14

For this week’s writing prompt, we find ourselves in Waxahachie, Texas, thirty or so miles south of Dallas. (Trivia note: They filmed much of 1984’s “Places in the Heart” around here. This is the movie which garnered Sally Field her second Academy Award, and she uttered the infamous […]