Tag: Rainbow People

Past Imperfect – #352

The esteemed mountain climber, Javier von Bigthrust, was working his way toward the summit of Mount Sapphia when he rounded a tree and encountered this scene. His first instinct, as he gazed upon such a mystifying display of estrogen-based revelry, was that he should run back down the […]

Intermission #4: Heart, Broken

I kept telling myself all day that I wasn’t going to write about the shooting. It’s not that I didn’t care or I didn’t have anything to say, far from it. But I knew that if I entered the digital discussion, I would inevitably run into conservative whack-jobs […]

Past Imperfect – #250

The young men bravely decided to express their love to the rest of the township, bracing for considerable outrage. And there was, mostly from people who couldn’t understand why the hell the boys couldn’t put some damn shoes on and take a proper photograph…    

Past Imperfect – #226

Members of the Gamma Alpha Upsilon fraternity attend Mardi Gras, 1938. Fedora: “I really tried to get in the spirit of things with my frat brothers, but at the last minute my rigid Southern Baptist upbringing ruined it all. I have a feeling I’m going to be saying […]

Past Imperfect – #101

Guy on the Left: “I don’t know about these clothes. The guy at the store made it seem like it was all the rage and we couldn’t get our business off the ground unless we dressed like we meant it. But I wonder what it makes us look […]

Present Tense – #1

It’s pouring down rain in New Orleans like somebody needs to build an ark, pronto. Bourbon Street is deserted. We’re trapped in a gay bar, with a wild mix of people from across the country, and everybody is coming together to make sure the smiles keep happening. Life […]